What Is Spiritual Wellness?

This article on spiritual wellness was channelled from God.

Spiritual Wellness Introduction

Hello everybody I would like to talk about spiritual wellness. So I hear you ask what does it mean to be spiritually well? There are several things we can discuss, but spiritual wellness basically means being in a place of love. If I can say one point it is that love is the most important quality you can possess.

The Importance Of Love In Spiritual Wellness

So I would like to talk a little bit further about spiritual wellness. There are several aspects to being spiritually well, the first aspect is being selfless, being kind to others that is the very first aspect and I tell you this if you feel like you are not a very selfless person, if you feel you care a lot about yourself and not much about everyone else I would like to inform you there are several ways to open the heart. There are several ways to become soft, loving, gentle, kind, and compassionate. I will tell you my dear ones if you truly want to open your heart if you truly really want to become a more loving, kind, beautiful, thoughtful person then it is absolutely possible. There is not a single person, not a single person on planet Earth who cannot develop more of these beautiful qualities.

Spiritual Wellness - The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual Wellness

Happiness And Spiritual Wellness

Another aspect of spiritual wellness is the health of the body, emotional health, and the health of the soul. So what we are talking about in terms of emotional health and health of the soul is the health of the inner world. How beautiful your inner world is, how beautiful your heart, is how open your heart is. That is what I mean by the health of the soul, however, I’ve already talked a little bit about love, so we’ll talk about physical and emotional health. Spiritual wellness means being in a space of happiness, you can be happy but you can be spiritually unbalanced, so if you’re happy that doesn’t necessarily mean you are spiritually well. However, a person who is spiritually well will be balanced and healthy in all areas of their life.

Protection And Spiritual Wellness

So there are a few more things to discuss. I want to tell you this – let go of your wondering why things have to be the way they are, things happen for a reason, do not fear the darkness dear ones. Do not fear the darkness and I tell you this now because some of you have experiences with negative entities, some of you have been harmed or invaded by beings who are not loving and not kind, but I want you all to know this: You should call upon the highest, loving, beautiful being who can help you ward off these attacks. If you call upon a very high being such as Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, or Archangel Sandalphon, these are all good friends to call upon. If you call upon these beings they will help you protect yourself.

There Is Nothing To Fear

So that is why I discussed this now because spiritual wellness and being psychically protected are actually very interlinked. If you are spiritually well you be able to protect yourself from all forms of psychic and energetic harm. So I tell you, everyone, there is nothing to fear, if you’ve had bad experiences, if you ever felt attacked or invaded by negative entities I’ll tell you this – all you need to do is truly, from the heart call upon protection. Just call upon protection there are many beings who can protect you.

 Ok, that was a little bit of a discourse on spiritual wellness and psychic protection I want you to know this dear one all that you desire all of your wishes are absolutely going to be granted all of your wishes will be granted. I ask you to try to open your heart every single day. Ok, that is all, I love you this is been a discourse channelled from the one you can call God. I love you, goodbye.

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