What Is Spiritual Health?

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Spiritual Health Explained

Spiritual health, what does this mean? Spiritual health is an acronym, it means to be in a good place spiritually, emotionally, and in a happy, happy, happy environment. What I’m saying is this: spiritual health is about how deep you can learn, how you can learn. What learning means is opening the heart. There are many many many different aspects to spiritual wellness and spiritual health but the primary aspect is how much you can let go of your own ego.

Ok very good. Spiritual health has many many many different meanings but one of the primary meanings is how deep are you learning, how deep are you learning to let go of your own ego. Letting go of ego is the primary focus of spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual Health And Selflessness

Ok, now I would like to talk a little about what it means to be a spiritual person. Spiritual health is an acronym, which means to open the heart. How deeply you can open the heart, how deep you can shed layers of the ego the more spiritual health you will experience. Spiritual health means the more you let go of your own needs, the more you let go of your own wishes. What I’m saying is this: What happens when you truly truly truly let go of wishing for only yourself, you start to wish for every single person’s happiness. Spiritual health is how deeply you can expand your compassion to include everyone.

The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual Health

Spiritual Health And Being Magnetic

Ok, now I would like to say that when you really really really wish for the enlightenment of all beings, you work effortlessly, tirelessly for the rest of your existence. You will start to become the kind of person that everyone would look up to, you will be looked upon favourably, very favourably by all kinds of people, everyone will look to you as a source of happiness and a source of goodness. This is the truth dear ones when you experience truth when you experience joy when you really really really open your heart deeply and truly you become the kind of person that everyone would want to be around. So I would like to say this spiritual health can be an acronym for being an open-hearted person.

Ok, a little bit more about this topic, when you truly experience spiritual health you will know what enlightenment is, true spiritual health is an acronym for being the most loving being on earth. So if you think “I’m a spiritually healthy person” but you do not focus on helping or wishing or wanting for others, if you only think of yourself then I would like to say you are not truly spiritually healthy. Someone who is experiencing true spiritual health would wish for the happiness of everyone just as much as they wish their own happiness.

Spiritual Health And Caring For Others

Yes, that is true, spiritual health means looking out for others. Ok very good, I have said enough I would like you to know this everything can be achieved there is nothing that cannot be achieved. So keep your wishes big, keep wishing, keep praying, and by God’s will, by the divine will you will be a blessed divine being. Good, I love you, goodbye for now.

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