What Is The Spiritual Journey?

This is a message channelled from God on 06/09/2021.

Introduction To The Spiritual Journey

Greetings greetings greetings. This is the one you could call God, this is the higher consciousness and the higher power that watches over, blesses and heals. So what I want to talk to you today is about the spiritual journey, there are many different things that we can discuss. The spiritual journey is made up of different parts, first of all, there is the path of knowing, this is the path where you come to the understanding of what makes people happy. The very first step in the spiritual path is hearing information, the information you hear is very important because you need to hear information from a true spiritual friend.

How To Find A Spiritual Guide

So after you’ve heard the information after someone has told you “this is what happiness is, this is how you achieve it”, then the next step is where you start to practice. You start to put the advice and the instructions that your spiritual guide has given you. So who is the spiritual guide? Sometimes it can be the form of a teacher, sometimes it can be the form of a guru, other times it may be an ascended master. In fact, there is no real limit to who can teach you on the spiritual path, the only thing that matters is this – the guide must care deeply, the guide must care truly, very very powerfully. If the guide cares deeply about you and your happiness and the guide wants you to be completely happy, then you can consider them, you can consider that person a true spiritual guide.

Spiritual Journey The Divine Connection

More About The Spiritual Journey

Ok so the next step on the spiritual journey is where you start to shed, you start to release old patterns and you grow kinder. You grow stronger, you grow happier and over time you become so strong and happy that people will come to you and ask you for things. Over time people start to look upon you as someone who has “it”, whatever “it” is. You have that certain quality that people want.

How The Spiritual Journey Changes You

There is a certain quality about you that makes you look like someone who knows what they’re doing. This will happen over time, it is not something that happens instantly and very soon you will notice that people start to react very differently to you. Maybe in the beginning people weren’t kind to you, maybe in the beginning people looked down on you. Over time something will change and people start to instead of looking down on you, those people respect you. You become a source of happiness and joy and people want to be around all others who are like this.

Surrender On The Spiritual Journey

The final step on the spiritual journey is letting go. What this means is that you finally let go of all the identity that thinks of yourself as an individual. You release yourself, your true self becomes apparent. What this means is that you let go of the individual consciousness, the individual being that thinks of itself as a separate entity, you let go of this part of yourself and you merge, you become one with God. This is the truth when you attain that final realisation, when you attain that final lasting step that will transform you forever, you become an awakened being.

The Spiritual Journey Takes Time

So those are some of the very simplified processes in which you can become a spiritual being. The spiritual journey is a long and sometimes not easy process. The spiritual journey can take 10, 100, or 50 lifetimes. There is no easy way to become completely awakened, the only easy path is the path of love. If you want things to go well, if you want your life to be happy, if you want to be admired and looked upon fondly, then you should practice love. Do this and everything will change, that is my key piece of advice and I’ve said this over and over again – focus on opening the heart. Focus on generating compassion, happiness, and strength. Focus on becoming a source of joy. Do this and you will be loved.

That is all I hope you enjoyed this talk, we will be back again soon with a message about love, just teasing you I’ve said enough about love. That is all for now, goodbye.

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