Explaining Spiritual Prayers

This is a message channelled from God on 25/09/2021.

Spiritual Prayers – Introduction

Greetings greetings greetings. Spiritual prayers. What are spiritual prayers? I want you to know that spiritual prayer will bring you the most wonderful, happy, joyful outcomes. Spiritual prayers will answer you with whatever you need. So the real secret, the real secret to spiritual prayers is faith. If you don’t have faith it is very difficult for us, the divine, to make your prayer come true. But if you have faith then there is almost nothing, almost nothing we cannot deliver.

Prayers Must Be In Alignment With The Highest Outcome

So one thing I want you to realise this – when you make a spiritual prayer it is always, always listened to, every single time we listen and there is a kind of examining that goes on. We examine the prayer and we say does this prayer match, does this prayer align with your highest outcome? Because if you are praying for something and it is not in alignment with your highest outcome then we may say no, we may say we did not answer.

Prayers That Are In Alignment With The Highest Outcome

How about if your prayer is in alignment, is in alignment with your highest outcome? Then the prayer will be granted and the process is this – the prayer is listened to, the prayer is examined and if the prayer sits well with you and your highest outcome then we will begin to work. We will get to work, there are many many things involved in making a prayer come true, so the most important thing is this you need to be ready, you need to be ready. You may wish for something, you may really really want something and I know how that feels, I understand how it feels to desire something with your whole heart, with your whole mind, and for it not to be given. That is the process we call being out of alignment, so what I need you to know is this – when you come into alignment, when you finally go into the right place at the right time the prayer will come to you. The prayer will just appear in front of you, you don’t have to do anything, all you have to do is show up.

Spiritual Prayers - The Divine Connection

Spiritual Prayers Continued

So that is the day when your wish comes true, what day is that? It could be in 5 weeks, it could be in 3 years, it might be next week, in any case, the point is this: When you are perfectly ready when you’re ready and all the preparations have been made then the spiritual prayer will appear in your life.

How Is A Prayer Answered?

Now the final thing that I need to discuss is this: How is a prayer constructed? How is a prayer delivered? The thing is when prayer is accepted then there is a process that needs to be followed, we get to work, I will delegate, I will delegate the prayer to some of my angels who deal with manifestation. So when I hear your prayer and I accept your prayer then I’ll send angels to start working for you, these angels will do many things but one of the things we will do is I’ll get you ready and I’ll prepare the people and the surroundings. We will prepare the things around you because everything needs to be in the perfect right order, so we get you ready and we get your life ready and we get everything that’s around you to be ready.

Spiritual Prayers - The Divine Connection

Prayers Will Remove Obstructing Forces

What this means is different for different people, some of you may have people in your life who are negative, people who are negative in your life who say “that’s not possible, that’ll never happen” we will make sure these people leave your life. That could be one step, another step could be this there may be things around you that are preventing you from being happy, there may be things in your life that are causing you suffering and this may be at odds with what you’re praying for. So we will make sure all of the things that are causing your problems will be removed, disappeared, gone.

What Happens When A Prayer Comes True

And then you are ready and then it happens like a magical spell, like a magical apparition, like a magical genie, yes like a genie. Suddenly you are granted something you’ve wanted, something you’ve always wanted, it just happens and then you’ll have the day of your life, then you have the happiest wonderful experience. That is how it happens to you, the spiritual prayer is granted and the only requirement from you is faith. Faith, faith, faith.

So those are the steps to how prayers are granted, those are the steps to how you yes you can make something you’ve always desired, something you have always wanted appears in your life. That is my message, I have been here and I love you.

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