How To Open Your Heart – A Complete Guide

This message and meditation was channelled from Jesus on 11/08/2022.

The Benefits of Opening Your Heart

Hello this is Jesus. We all want to be more kind, we all want to be more outgoing, we all want to be more respected.  Today I will give you the essential practice on how to open your heart chakra. Before we begin, let me explain a little bit about what it means to open the heart: Basically, people with an open heart feel genuine friendliness, that’s the basic compassion that is in the heart, the basic compassion is just being warm and friendly.

But I would like to say you can take this to the nth degree, you can take this to a very powerful level, when your compassion is such that you feel completely loving and generous to all kinds of beings, including yourself. So, in order to open your heart, there are three things we must do: First of all we must establish protection, so you feel safe, that’s the first step. Then we must do a practice which is called opening the heart which is basically how do you feel a sense of empathy, how you feel a sense of generosity, how you feel sense of love. This is the practise we do, a method which enables you to feel connection to all your fellow humans, animals and other creatures. The third step is this – we do a meditation specifically for the process of compassion, because compassion is essential, very essential.

So, in order to understand a little bit more about what open heartedness means, i’ll give you an example: If you are person who feels very loving towards others, then in general people tend to want to be with you, if you’re a person who feels I am the only one that matters and I don’t really care about anyone else, in general others don’t like you as much. So that’s the first benefit of opening the heart is that others like you more and there are other benefits too. For example, your own life starts to get a sense of ease, generally those with open hearts, they live in a much more easy way, their struggles are lessened. That’s the second benefit and the final benefit when you open your heart is when you meet others, your general respected by others, because if you are kind, generous person, generally you’ll be respected.

Open Your Heart - The Divine Connection

How To Open Your Heart – Continued

Now the question is this: Are you ready to really, genuinely transform your own consciousness? Are you ready to change the way you feel, to change the way you act, to change the way you live? Because this is what this practice is. If you’re ready for change then keep on reading, if you want to stay the way you are, then you don’t have to continue, but that is your choice. Now, before I continue I just want you to know this – there is one small thing that happens when you open your heart, which is sometimes you can be less inclined to be aggressive or to be strong, not necessarily strong, but you can be less inclined to be harsh. Sometimes people will try to take advantage of you, so that is a small difficulty that those with open hearts deal with, but I would like to say this – the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

Stephan’s Personal Experience

This is Stephan the author, I would like to add my own anecdotal experience of opening my heart and how it has changed me. Over the years at various times, I tried some meditations to open my heart, but I did not really feel any benefit. It wasn’t until I learned to channel that some really powerful methods were given to me and I started to reap the rewards. About two years ago, in early 2020, I was in the forest and I channelled Jesus. In this session Jesus taught me a very powerful method for opening the heart, where I visualise my heart like a sun, shining love to others. I sat and did the meditation for probably 20 minutes or so, and it was so powerful I could literally feel light rays shining out from me. Even the animals felt it, birds started flying up to me, sitting in trees above me and looking at me very curiously, even they could feel the love radiating outward.

Well needless to say, its not always that powerful,  but that was my first experience with a  really powerful heart opening method, and I have continued this and a compassion meditation every day for two years now. I feel very different, my mind is very relaxed, and I have a sense of ease. I also have a real sense of “goodness” in me, which I did not used to have. The biggest benefit however, has been how others react to me. I notice a lot less people are rude to me, some still are, but not very often, and most people seem to really like me and enjoy talking to me. I would say the biggest benefit you will notice with this practice is that others will respond to you so much better, which also makes life better. Its well worth the effort of doing this practice. Now back to Jesus’ message.

Open Your Heart Meditation – Step 1: Protection

Ok, so now we begin the actual meditation. The first thing I want you to do is this: Relax deeply. From that place of relaxation, I want you to ask inside your mind, just ask “dear Archangel Michael please protect me with a barrier, please put a shield around me.” Just visualise Archangel Michael is protecting you, so you can feel completely safe.

Open Your Heart Meditation – Step 2: Love

Ok, now the actual love meditation. Love is the first step, we do love first because love is easier, then we move on to compassion. So to meditate on love, I want you to do this: Relax deeply, spend a few minutes just breathing in and out, just getting a real sense of calm and deep deep peace. Feel that peace, then when you’re ready, continue. So this is how we do the meditation: First of all you just visualise your heart is like a beautiful sunflower, a beautiful golden sunflower. Feel the petals of your heart expanding outward, now let your heart flower grow big, imagine it grows as big as your body. Now let your heart grow even bigger, it’s as big as your neighbourhood, now feel your heart is growing as big as the entire country you live in. From that place, a feeling that the heart is tremendously big, I want you to imagine this: The sunflower is sending love to everyone, imagine this beautiful sunflower is raiding love, you can see it like sunbeams. Imagine sunbeams coming from the centre of this flower and touching the hearts of everyone you know and you say “I love you, I wish you well.” Spend about 10 minutes doing this. Truly, truly feel your heart expanding before you begin.

Guided Meditation For Forgivness - The Divine Connection

Open Your Heart Meditation – Step 3: Compassion

Ok, so that’s the love meditation, you can spend 15 minutes, 20 minutes or as long as you want and the more you do this the more you just naturally, easily, relax into compassion. Good, so now we do the final step in this meditation which is the meditation on compassion. So, what I want you to do is this – I want you to do the same meditation as before, feel your heart expanding, see it as a beautiful flower, a beautiful sunflower and then when you feel your heart is really open and vast, then I want you to think of three people you know. Think of 3 people who are having some kind of problem, maybe they’re having problems in their work, maybe they’re having drug-related problems, maybe they just lost a loved one. Think of 3 people who have some problems and instead of saying “I love you” say this “I feel compassion for your suffering” say that again and again and imagine you’re sending beams of compassion into their heart and as you send them compassion, imagine it makes them feel better, their suffering is lessened. Do this for 5 minutes.

Ok, well done. That’s your first meditation on how to open your heart. You can use this practice as often as you like. I would recommend spending 20 minutes per day doing this and if you do this for 3 months or 4 months, you’ll feel very different. Over 6 months or 10 months you will completely transform yourself.

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