During a channelling Stephan goes into a meditative state where he is receptive to messages from higher beings. Betsy Morgan’s The Orion Technique entails receiving an initiation where one connects deeply to spirit guides and opens up the chakras used in channelling; primarily the crown chakra and the throat chakra. Stephans chosen method of channelling is through writing, this method is known as automatic writing where messages come directly into the channel’s mind and are translated into words on the page, this method is both effective and direct in receiving the wisdom and blessings of guides and angels. When you book a channelling with Stephan the message will be delivered via email. This is this is the most effective way that Stephan is able to receive clear guidance. If you book a session with Stephan up to two questions of your choice will be answered which will be sent via email.


Readings should not be used to ask for financial advice. Always trust your intuition and common sense over any channelled information.