Money and Success – A Message from Archangel Uriel

This article on money and success was channelled from Archangel Uriel on 07/02/2023.

Money and Success Overview

Hello everybody today we’re going to talk about money, success and how you can be an enlightened, conscious, divine person and still be successful. Basically, people have this idea that if you’re successful, then you’re not a spiritual person and people think if you’re a spiritual person then you shouldn’t really be interested in money or happiness or success or any other things that normal people are interested in. I would disagree with this.

Money and Sprituality

I would say this to you – money is in no way anti-spiritual, there is no difference between money and spirituality. However, I would say this – people who think they have it all and they’re very happy and they don’t need anything else, those people are missing something. Those people are not getting the full picture. However. if you’re a spiritual person and you think I’m content, I don’t have much money but I don’t want more, then that’s fine, that’s ok. I would add though, that there are plenty of people who are deeply, deeply, spiritual, who are still very much invested or interested in the physical world and all the things that are part of it.

Money and Success - The Divine Connection

Is Money a Problem?

So basically, I would say this to you: Money is not a problem unless you’re overly needy. If you’re overly needy for money then that is a big problem, because then you start to only think of money and you start to think of money as somehow being able to solve all your problems. However, if you have a grounded, sensible attitude, then there’s nothing wrong with going for money, and growing your wealth.

So basically, the whole point I’m trying to make is this – there is nothing unspiritual about working or saving or planning for retirement or any of the other things that people do with money. Also, there’s nothing overly spiritual about just going after money, yet it’s completely fine to focus on money and try to be successful and happy.

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