Stephan is from the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia. From a young age Stephan was surrounded by spirituality, attending buddhist teachings and other events. At age 21 Stephan attended a buddhist retreat with the late Traleg Rinpoche and experienced the joys of meditation as well as universal love. It was an uplifting and moving experience that was to change the course of his life. Ever since then Stephan has been meditating and doing spiritual practices of various kinds.
From 2015 to 2018 Stephan underwent what some refer to as “the dark night of the soul”, experiencing many challenges and difficulties, which were both painful and frightening. In 2018 Stephan’s life began to change for the better after attending an Aryevedic Health retreat in India at the beginning of the year.
In October 2018 things really began to change after Stephan undertook Betsy Morgan’s Channelling Class known as The Orion Technique. For the first time he was able to connect to the higher realms and directly receive the wisdom and blessings of his guides and angels. This connection was to make Stephan’s life better in every way. Since then he has received clear guidance from above and been able to resolve and heal his difficulties.
Stephan’s passion is communicating with and connecting to higher energies to enrich the lives of others. Since 2018 Stephan has been channelling for others both professionally and personally. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than delivering guidance which touches the heart and heals his clients, making their lives better and happier.