A Beautiful Spirit Guide Meditation

This spirit guide meditation was channelled from God.

Meditation Step 1: Protection

Hello, let’s go, everyone. I want you to do this: first of all, I want you to establish a boundary of protection around your heart, imagine your heart is sealed in a container, I want you to feel your heart is completely protected, this is the very first step. This is how we do the spirit guide meditation. Ok very good, now I want you to do this: Imagine you are surrounded by a legion, a legion of protective divine angels, these are the seraphim angels, some of the most powerful divine healers guides, and confidants that you could wish for. These angels are all around now so visualise their surrounding you completely just take a few moments.

Meditation Step 2: Heart Opening

Ok very good now will begin the actual spirit guide meditation. First of all, I want you to open your heart, imagine your heart is a beautiful lotus flower, feel the petals of the lotus opening, feel as your heart chakra opens completely. I will be assisting you with this, this is God. Now open your heart even further, imagine your heart can go even further and further and further. I want you to imagine your heart is opening to every single being, light being, guide, protector you could wish for. I want you to imagine your heart is open to every single divine guide and protector who is in front of you, around you behind you, and above you.

Spirit Guide Meditation The Divine Connection

 Spirit Guide Meditation

Meditation Step 3: Calling Upon Your Guide

Ok very good now want you to ask, I want you to ask for a divine guide, I want you to ask for the most divine, powerful guide you could wish for, just ask this prayer say this prayer: “I now ask for the most loving wonderful, amazing, beautiful guide I could wish for, I now ask for the most wonderful healer, guide and protector who could possibly help me at this time, please make your presence is known to me, please open my heart further.”

Meditation Step 4: Connecting With Divine Light

Ok very good, the next step in the spirit guide meditation is this: Now want you to visualise in front of you is a beautiful golden sphere of light. Feel this sphere of light in front of you. Ok now imagine this sphere is coming closer and closer and closer, open your heart and accept this sphere of light, imagine this sphere of light completely envelops you.

Meditation Step 5: Connecting With Your Guide

Now I want you to think of, there is one person who you know, one person who would help you at this time. I want you to visualise your favourite person in the world, whoever that is just visualise that person is standing before you now. You may think of someone who is in physical form or you may think of someone from another time you may think of Arya Tara, Jesus, Archangel Uriel, you may think of any of these wonderful healers as they can all become known to you at this time. I want you to visualise in front of you is the being who you feel most close to, just visualise them however you see them is perfect, you don’t have to visualise everything perfectly just feel their presence and now accept their love.

I want you to feel that this beautiful heavenly, wonderful guide is with you and I want you to take a few moments as you really believe and feel that they are with you. Just relax and truly accept this being of light who is there before you. Ok very good, now there is one more step to this process I want you to feel this presence around you completely, I want you to feel completely hugged, I want you to feel this hug, imagine this beautiful divine being is giving you the most angelic, powerful, beautiful hug of divine love. I want you to really feel this love completely surrounding you, feel as this love surrounds you from head to toe.

Spirit Giude Meditation - The Divine Connection

Meditation Step 6: Accepting Your Guides Message

Very good, now want you to imagine this person, this being of the divine is going to tell you something you’ve been wanting to hear. I want you to imagine before you is a blank notepad, there is a blank notepad before you and I want you to imagine you hand this notepad to the guide. Just feel as they accept this notepad and imagine they are writing with a feather, with a quill, they are writing with a divine feather. They write out a beautiful letter to you, imagine they are writing a beautiful love letter, this is a love letter for it is made of pure love and it is for your highest, best, most wonderful ears to hear, for your highest, best, most wonderful eyes to see.

Now imagine they say to you “my beautiful love, I want you to accept this message from me, now open your heart to me, open your heart” open your heart even further allow your heart to completely open, imagine your heart just melts completely as you accept this message written in divine beautiful ink, written in the ink of gold. This golden ink, this letter in golden ink is now sent to you. Imagine this letter goes all the way through and it reaches the very core, the very centre of you, imagine this letter merges with you and becomes one with you. Now I want you to just imagine you are reading this letter takes a few moments to really, really feel and understand this message.

That was our spirit guide meditation. Very good, now I ask you do you feel good? do you feel happy? I love you, this is God and I’m here as is your guide, your beautiful angelic heavenly guide is here for you, you don’t have to ask, you don’t have to ask for they will be helping you every single day. But if you wish to hear a message again you can come back and do this meditation once more. (You can also find a free course on how to channel here.) I leave you now with a beautiful wish – may you experience the greatest happiness, and may your every wish come true. Goodbye.

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