What is the Spiritual Path?

This message on the spiritual path was channelled from Jesus on 07/04/2022.

Spiritual Path – Introduction

Hello everybody this is Jesus. Today we’re going to talk about the spiritual path. What is the spiritual path? How long does it take? How difficult is it? is it easy, is it fun, is it enjoyable? It could be most of these things and some of these things.

Now what I want to say is this: You have your own spiritual path and I had my own spiritual path. Each of us has a unique spiritual path. However there are certain elements that are usually involved in almost everyone’s experience.

The Beggining Phase – Searching

So let me explain, the very first step in the spiritual path is wishing for something more than you have. There is a certain thing that happens to people in life, they start to think ‘I’ve got this and I’ve got that yet something is missing, I need something more.’ That is when people start to think differently, they start to expand their mind and they start to think like ‘maybe I should try yoga, maybe I should try meditation’ some people stay in this phase for a year or two years and some people don’t even go through this phase.

That’s the very first step, the searching for answers. That begins a spiritual quest and then people try different energies, people try different environments, people try different teachers and they think this is interesting, that is interesting and then one day they find something that just works for them. It works and then they feel better.

Finding The Spiritual Path

That is when the person find their path. Now the path for you and the path for me and the path for each person could be completely different. Your path might be finding balance in all things, that could be one persons path or another person’s path could be giving help to others. Some people’s paths are very different to others and some people’s paths are unique.

Spiritual Path The Divine Connection

The Need For A Teacher On The Spiritual Path

In terms of the actual spiritual awakening process, I would like to say this: Every single person on the spiritual path needs some kind of teaching, they need some teaching. What does this mean? It means someone has to tell them what direction to head in, because if you start on a spiritual path and you believe ‘I don’t need a teacher, I don’t need a guru, I am my own teacher’ I say this to you: It’s like the blind leading the blind. You don’t know the goal, you don’t know the destination, you don’t know what experiences are good and what experiences a bad. So essentially your wandering in the desert, you wondering the desert and you’re hoping to find some kind of oasis.

However if you find a teacher or a guide or a spiritual friend who knows the process, who knows where to look, then they can tell you ‘you don’t have to wonder in the desert just walk 5 steps to the right and there’s a refreshing spring’ and then you can enjoy yourself.

Results On The Spiritual Path

So the next step is when you find your authentic spiritual path. When you find your authentic spiritual path your life changes, everything is much much better, things that were once difficult cease to be difficult and life becomes a source of pleasure. Every single day can bring you something new, something exciting. Many people have found this element of spirituality and have fallen in love with it, genuinely fallen in love. That is why some people are very devoted to a particular path or a  particular lifestyle, people are very devoted and some people think their path is the only path.

Many Paths

However there are many paths to the same goal and the same goal doesn’t have to be complete total awakening. That is one goal but another goal can be leading a life you enjoy, enjoying your life, being happy, that can be a goal.

So in essence everyone finds what they need, it’s just a question of how long it takes to get there. If you are one who is on the search, you’re looking for a spiritual teacher or spiritual friend I recommend this: Make a session with Stephan. Stephan is a very good guide and his channelling abilities are powerful. If you make a session with Stephan he can put you in touch with some very high wisdom, which will enable you to find what you need.

So that is my message. The spiritual path is a wonderful journey, it doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be, some people’s paths are difficult, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be joyful, fun and wonderful.

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