What Are Spiritual Blessings?

This article on spiritual blessings was channelled from Jesus.

Greetings I am Jesus I want you all to know this: Anything you wish for is absolutely, completely attainable. There is nothing you can wish for that cannot be attained and the reason I am beginning with this phrase with this message is I want you to know anything is possible. Ok, I want you to hear me talk to you about spiritual blessings. What are spiritual blessings?

Definition Of Spiritual Blessings

Spiritual blessings are when love and joy and happiness are given by a divine being to someone on the physical plane. What we mean when we talk about spiritual blessings is a gift. It is a gift, there are many different types of gifts, some gifts come in the form of divine intervention, other times gifts can come in the form of a blessing such as when we help you to become more loving. There are many different types of spiritual blessings and I would like you all to know that a spiritual blessing is absolutely going to be given to you right now.

A Blessing From Jesus

I will give you a spiritual blessing, all that you need to do is open your heart. Imagine your heart is like a beautiful lotus flower. Ok did you feel your heart open? If you did then I want you to continue, if you felt your heart open I will bless you. There is nothing you need to do except say this “I love you, Jesus, Jesus please help me feel loved” that is all you need to say. I will help you so imagine right now Jesus is giving you a blessing, I want you to feel Jesus is right above your heart, I’m above your heart, and imagine I step in and I go inside you now. Ok I’m blessing you I’m blessing you, do you feel joy? do you feel a sense of blessing? Do you feel something shift? This is my power, I am blessing you and I’ll bless you again and again and again.

Manifests The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual Blessings

Common Spiritual Blessings

Ok now in terms of spiritual blessings there are many different aspects that we can talk about. One of the most important aspects of the divine blessing someone is when they help them to attain a state of openness. What we mean by openness is no longer closing down to others, it means keeping your heart and your mind open. So how do you attain this? I would say the most important thing to do is practice meditation. If you practice meditation every day your heart will be more open than it was and it is not just about meditating on love, it’s not just about meditating on awareness, it’s also about meditating on blessing others, what I mean is you should practice helping other people.

Spiritual Blessings Will Change You

Ok, so there are a few aspects I need to talk about, one of these things is when you attain a spiritual blessing, when you receive spiritual blessings, something will change forever. Nothing will be the same again, it is like you are on a ladder and every single rung you climb up the ladder you never fall back down again. This is how happiness, pleasure, joy, and desire are all gifted to you. The higher you climb on this ladder the more you will be a beautiful person.

So what does this mean? This means that if you were being given spiritual blessings, if you’re being given a spiritual blessing then things will never be the same. So I want you to know, this there is nothing you need to do, there is nothing you need to try and do except open the heart. Every time you open your heart everything becomes a little bit clearer.

Spiritual Blessings - The Divine Connection

Spiritual Blessings And Meditation

Ok very good now I’m going to talk about spiritual meditation because when you receive spiritual blessings it is almost always as part of spiritual meditation. There are very few spiritual blessings that will come to those who do not meditate, so meditation is vital. Meditation is absolutely vital, there are many different forms of meditation and I’m not going to recommend any particular form of meditation. All I’ll say is this: You should find a meditation that helps you become a more kind person, if meditation is helping you become kinder and more joyful, then I say it is a true blessing.

Spirituality Is Not About Being Better Than Anyone

Now there are also other types of meditation, some people meditate on becoming more lovable, some people meditate on becoming more loving, some people meditate on becoming stronger and some people even meditate in order to become something, some will meditate so they can become better than others. I would say this to those who meditate to become better than others – you are missing the point. If you are meditating in order to become better than other people you are completely missing the point, the point of all spiritual, powerful work is to let go of your selfishness. It is to let go of the always thinking about me and myself, so if you are doing true spiritual work your sense of I, the sense of self-importance, yes that is a test for you if your spiritual work makes you feel more powerful and strong well that is not necessarily a bad thing, but if you become more powerful and strong in order to harm and hurt others then you are doing upside down spiritual work.

Ok, I just wanted to talk a little bit about it because if you are doing true spiritual work, spiritual blessings will descend upon you ok. That is enough to talk about this, I love you all, this is been a message from Jesus the Christ goodbye for now.

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