Exploring Spiritual Faith

This is a message channelled from Jesus on 17/08/2021.

Spiritual Faith Introduction

“Hello hello hello, lets talk about spiritual faith. What does it mean to have spiritual faith and how can spiritual faith better your world and your life? There are three things we need to know, the first of all is this spiritual faith is like a lesson, it’s like a lesson. What I mean is this spiritual faith helps you to climb the ladder, the ladder of ascension. The more faith you have the more swiftly you’ll be able to become a divine person. So I tell you this if you feel like “I’m someone who has a lot of faith”, if you feel “I feel very inclined to believe in the divine” then you are naturally a faith-based person.

Faith Gives Blessings

So there are a few things I wish to discuss, number one is this if you truly have faith in God, if you really have faith in the divine or an angel or any particular divine being you will be able to receive infinite blessings. Infinite blessings, the more faith you have the more the blessings can come. So if you’re someone who feels like I only have a little bit of faith, I say this faith can be grown, faith can be increased. How do you increase faith? Practice love, practice love, the more love you have, the more open your heart will be, the more you’ll feel drawn to and inclined to believe in something bigger than yourself, something bigger than just physical reality.

What If You Have Little Faith?

Ok, so the other thing I wish to talk about is this if you feel like I do not have any faith, if you feel like I’ve never had faith and I don’t believe in God or I don’t believe in Jesus or I don’t believe in any spiritual being, I say this don’t worry about it. Some people do not have a lot of faith, some people need to learn their lessons, maybe it’s part of your divine plan, maybe it’s part of your life learning that you have to do things on your own. Some of us have to do things on our own, yet there are others who are very blessed.

How To Devlop Spiritual Faith

It is completely possible to attain a new level of faith, if you want to have more faith, if you want to feel more devotion, if you want more belief in the divine then I tell you this, you should do meditation. Meditation will really help you to become something bigger than just the normal person, the more you meditate the greater your awareness will be and as your awareness grows, your spiritual beliefs will naturally just start to materialize.

Spiritual Faith The Divine Connection

Spiritual Faith Can Grow

Ok, very good so spiritual faith is like a plant, it is like a plant. The more faith you have the bigger your plant grows. Eventually, your faith will become like a towering tree, this tree will reach from God’s kingdom of Earth all the way to Heaven. Yes, that is what I said, God’s kingdom of Earth. In fact, the Earth is God’s kingdom, Earth is a divine paradise, Earth is a paradise for those who know how to see it correctly. For those of us, for those of us who do not see correctly, we think it is a place of unhappiness, a place of pain, a place of fear. For some of us Earth is this, but for others, others Earth is a divine paradise. So when you plant the seed of faith, when you grow your sapling to a great height, spiritual faith will enable you to become something far more majestic than a normal human being can ever imagine.

How Spiritual Faith Helps You

That is how spiritual faith works, spiritual faith is like a conduit through which the divine can enter. If you have no faith, indeed it is very difficult for God to bless you, but if you have faith God will bless you. So do not despair if you have no faith and you want to be a faith-based person, practice meditation every single day. Practice meditation, open your heart, develop the skills of love. If you develop the skills of love your faith will naturally grow. So that is what I need to say about spiritual faith, it is a beautiful thing, it is a magical thing, it is a wonderful thing. Everyone who has faith will lead themselves to God’s Kingdom. Goodbye.”

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