Who Is The Archangel of Healing?

This article was channelled from Archangel Raphael.

Archangel Raphael Introduction

Hello, this is the archangel of healing, Archangel Raphael. I want you to know this, I am here for those who have the worst situations, it doesn’t mean if you’re in a terrible situation I am always the one to call on, what it means is this those who have the worst sufferings, whether they be physical or emotional I can heal all sorts of things. So I want you want to know if you call upon me the archangel of healing, I will manifest instantly, I’ll manifest right before you. Whether you feel me or whether you know that I’m there, I will be there either way. Regardless I’m always there.

What Can Archangel Raphael Heal?

So who am I? my name is Archangel Raphael I am the archangel, the highest angel, and the most important angel if I may say so who deals with healing. I deal with healing of all sorts, healing of the physical body, healing of trauma, healing of conflict with others, I can heal all of these things. So you don’t have to limit your prayers to healing your physical body if you want to heal in your life, whether your life is not feeling well, whether your life is not bringing you the kind of pleasure and enjoyment that you seek, even these things, I can help you with these.

Spiritual Meditation The Divine Connection

More About The Archangel of Healing

So who is the archangel of healing? I am one of the most 12 important angels. There are approximately 500 million angels, there are limitless, limitless angels, but we all have very different roles and my role is the primary healer. So I can bring through an emerald green light, I bring through a great ray of emerald green light, whenever you have something that needs transmuting, I use the word transmuting because healing implies only physical ailments, I would like you to know my emerald green light can transmute anything.

Archangel Raphael’s Light

So whether it’s a lower vibrational entity, or whether it’s a stuck and stagnant energy flow, or whether it’s a karmic disturbance, all of these things I can heal. So if you want to heal to let’s do a little meditation.

Meditation Step 1: Protection

I want you to first visualise this: In front of you is a beautiful blue light. Just think there is a blue light right infront, I want you to feel the presence of this light, for this is the angelic protection circle, it’s a circle of protection. I want you to feel that this light of blue comes all around you and surrounds your energy field. Just take a moment to really feel this ball of blue is surrounding you. Very good.

Archangel Of Healing - The Divine Connection

Meditation Step 2: Visualising Archangel Raphael

Now I want you to imagine this, in front of you is the most beautiful angelic being, this is me the Archangel Raphael. I am very powerful and very enlightened and very high vibrational. I want you to imagine I’m at like a man with brown golden hair, I have a staff in my right hand, and in my left hand, I hold a crystal ball. This crystal ball is a powerful transmitter of energy healing.

Meditation Step 3: Receive Raphael’s Light

Now I want you to visualise this: I send from my heart a ray of green and orange light, we’re going to use orange as well as a green light. So imagine green and orange light comes to my heart. First, it touches your feet it goes through your feet and then it runs up to your body like an energy scan, it runs all the way through your body, I want you to visualise this energy runs all the way through you from your head your toes and imagine as it does it dissolves all harmful energy. You can dissolve anything with this meditation if you truly believe in me, if you truly accept this healing we can absolutely bless you.

Ok very good now the final stage is this: Just visualise your light has been increased, visualise your light has become bright and stronger I want you to feel that you have released something, something that has been bothering you. Imagine it has been completely dissolved, it dissolves and it no longer exists. that is the power of the Archangel Raphael the archangel of healing.

Healers And Healing

Ok now I would like to discuss a little bit more about what it means to be a healer. Some of you may have heard the term healer and you may know that there are people on this planet who can do amazing, wonderful, incredible things. I would like to say this: if you’re in need of healing, whether it’s healing for your energy body, whether it’s healing for your emotional disturbances, or whether it’s healing for something physical, even something serious like brain cancer, a tumour malignant energy. Anything is possible, anything is possible. So if you have something that needs healing, if you need healing, I say this booking a healing session with Stephan. Stephan is a very gifted healer who channels healing energy from the highest divine realms. When you book a channelled energy healing with Stephan during the session you will experience divine intervention, that is what healing is, it’s divine intervention.

So I don’t want to go on about this but I just would like you to know that if you want to heal, if you want true divine, powerful, incredible healing you can be sure that Stephan will be able to assist you in the most wonderful, magical, powerful way. Ok very good now I’m not saying Stephan is the only one that has gifts, there are many people on this planet who have healing gifts, but if you’re on the search, if you’re on the lookout I say try Stephan, give him a chance, just try one session. You will know, you will know without a doubt that this is what you were looking for. Ok, that is enough about the archangel of healing I love you all goodbye for now.

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