The Meaning Of Spiritual Growth

This message was channelled from God.

Spiritual Growth Introduction

Hello, today I’m going to explain to you a little about what spiritual growth means. So many of you understand a little about the spiritual path, you may have had some experiences, you may have had some little openings, some little chakra openings, or perhaps something is happening inside you, perhaps your heart has become more open, more loving and more beautiful. Everything is going to happen very soon, I tell you this dear ones, soon something magical will take place. So I want to tell you a little bit more about what it means to be on the spiritual path.

Spiritual Growth And Manifestation

Ok, there are three things we need to talk about. The first is manifestation. Yes, I want to talk a little about manifestation. Why? Because what the spiritual path is, is manifesting more great wonderful happiness. Manifestation is in fact a key component of spiritual growth, now you may not always understand this, you may not always be aware of it but what you are doing when you are following the spiritual path is manifesting something magical. So I want to explain to you what manifestation is. When you open your heart when you meditate when you concentrate when you do mantras when you do any spiritual practice what you were doing is changing your reality. So what this means is that a deep part of you becomes available, a part of you becomes available that was previously unavailable, so it is a type of manifestation, it is a type of magic, spiritual growth is in fact a type of magic.

Spiritual Blessings The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth And Opening The Heart

Now the second thing I want to talk about is opening your heart. That is a very crucial step, for true spiritual growth will not be complete, will not be attainable unless you open your heart. Why is this, why must we open the heart? The reason is that the true nature of yourself is limitless and open, so when you open the heart you start to become more unlimited, when your heart is closed when you are just concerned with me and me, you are a very limited being. So what you doing is when you open your heart you are becoming something much more limitless.

That is why opening the heart is talked about so deeply, so wonderfully in so many traditions. Many many many spiritual paths include a very powerful heart-opening practice, so that is very important. If you want to be a true spiritual practitioner, if you want to experience happiness, success, joy, and good fortune, if you want to know what all these things feel like, I say you it is almost unattainable unless you do something to open your heart.

Spiritual Growth And Blessings

Ok and the third and final thing I wish to talk about is when you receive blessings. Now, what does this mean? This means that everything you desire, everything you’re wishing to attain it can be brought to you, it can be gifted to you by divine guides. Divine guides who are not the thing you would think of as the I, now what I’m talking about is a much larger version of I, you may think that I am just this individual person, I am the one with the ego, I’m the one who holds these things in my hands. You may think of yourself as this human being, but I say to you this when you open your heart when you expand yourself, you will start to realise that there is so much more to who you think you are, you are much more than this human being, you are much more than this physical body.

You Need Someone To Help You

What this means is you can get in contact with other beings – I’m talking about angelic beings, I’m talking about spiritual beings, I’m talking about enlightened deities. All of these divine beings can come to you and they can help you on your path and in fact, I would say it is almost impossible, almost impossible to attain complete awakening unless you’re gifted and guided and blessed by those who have already done so. So that is what I mean by blessings, I mean opening and receiving massive, massive gifts from those who have already fully completed their awakening process. That is a very important step, you must be in contact with divine beings, if you try to do this on your own I would say it’s like trying to find a light switch in dark, you may know there is a light switch and you may even know where it is, but if you are not completely certain of where you’re going you have very little chance of actually turning on the lights.

Spiritual Growth And Enlightenment

So that is my analogy, you must be guided, you must have someone, someone must take you by the hand and put your hand on the light switch and then you can turn on the lights and whamo I the lights come on everything is beautiful, love is all around, happiness is everywhere, joy and bliss and magnificence. Everything you wish for is in your hands, that is what it’s like to be a fully enlightened being, everything you wish for is already in your hands and you don’t need anything at all. You can have anything you want and do anything you want, being an enlightened being is the most indescribable, incredibly wonderful, amazing God-given, divine blessing you could ever imagine. Being fully enlightened is the most incredible and ultimate totally blissful experience, it is the ultimate happiness, the truest deepest, most magnificent joy that there ever was. So that is what I wanted you to know, a little bit about spiritual awakening a little bit about the spiritual growth process. Ok very good, I love you, this is a message from the Divine I AM or the one you can call God, goodbye.

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