What Is Spiritual Connection?

This message was channelled from God.

Spiritual Connecting Explained

Hello, I would like to talk today about what it is to have spiritual connection. For those of you who do not understand what the truth is, for those of you who do not know what God actually is, I say when you experience true joy, when you experience true profound transcendent awareness, love will be your only option. What I say is this: Spiritual connection means knowing how God exists and what God is, it is not only that but spiritual connection means you understand what all of the angels and all of the divine beings wish for and pray for and desire.

Open Your Heart To Find Spiritual Connection

Very good, so let’s talk a little about what it means to be a true person, a true being of light, for those of you who are experiencing difficulties, some of you may be experiencing unpleasant and unwanted situations, I say the truth is this: when you experience truth when you experienced happiness, all of your problems will be as light as a feather. So what I’m saying is this: If you want to know what it means to have a spiritual connection all you need to do is open your heart. When you open your heart spiritual connection will become available.

Ok, I would like to talk about what it means to be in love. In love means following the heart, it means following the truth. The heart and the truth are very similar things. The truth is not exactly the same as love, love, and the truth are not exactly the same but they are very closely interlinked.

Spiritual Connecting - The Divine Connection

More About Spiritual Connection

Ok, now I would like to explain a little about what it means to experience spiritual connection. When you experience a spiritual connection your heart will be open, it is not possible to experience a true spiritual connection with a closed heart. So I say this: For those of you who wish to know what the angels would like what the angels would say, what it is to be in love, I say this focus upon giving love, focus upon meditating on love every day. The more you open your heart the more spiritual connection will become available. Some of you may have moments or glimpses into spiritual connection, you may have profound moments of awareness or experience some great transcendent truth or some great transcendent wonders. You may experience a glimpse into the ultimate reality, what I say is this: There are times and there are situations when ultimate reality becomes available and what this means is a glimpse into the awakened nature.

Spiritual Connecting And Attaining Your Wishes

Ok, so those of you who deeply deeply deeply wish for and desire a true spiritual connection or a voice, to hear a voice of the divine, if you wish for these things I say this completely open your heart, completely open your heart. When you truly open your heart you will be completely in touch with and understand what it means to be divine. Good, now I say this: When you open your heart anything is possible absolutely anything. So for those of you who have prayers, for those of you who have wishes that have not been met, if you have unmet wishes I say this just focus upon being as kind as you can, focus every single day upon meditating upon love. Meditate upon love every single day, if you can meditate upon love as much as you can and the more loving you become the more kind you become the more it’ll be possible for your wishes to manifest.

Spiritual Connection - The Divine Connection

Spiritual Connection And God

Ok very good, now a little more about spiritual connection. Spiritual connection means you understand what the wishes of God are, you understand what the wishes of God are. Now some of you may think you know what God wants some of you may think you know what God desires but I say this: It may not be exactly what you think. God is truth and God is ultimate passion, ultimate desire, ultimate happiness. God is the greatest, most powerful loving force in existence and you and God are not different entities. You and God are actually the same thing, the only difference is God knows who he is, God knows what he is and you do not understand who you are.

Spiritual Connection And Ultimate Truth

So I say this: Spiritual connection will allow you to understand who you really are. Now that is enough about spiritual connection, I would like to talk a little bit about what it means to understand truth. Truth is the highest point of existence, truth is the highest possible level of awareness, truth is something that is indefinable and ungraspable, you cannot put real ultimate truth into words, ultimate truth cannot be put into an English language phrase, but I would like to give you glimpse if it is possible to give you a little point of what ultimate truth is like.

Ultimate truth is like the vastness of the sky, ultimate truth is like the deepest most passionate wonder you can ever imagine, ultimate truth is more than the greatest joy and the greatest happiness you have ever experienced. The ultimate truth is 10 times, 100 times, 500 times more powerful than anything you’ve ever imagined. Ultimate truth is like nothing else, the ultimate truth is God, God and ultimate truth are one. Good, now I hope you understand a little about what it means to be kind, what it means to be God-given, and what it means to be blessed. Goodbye for now, this has been a message from God the ultimate truth goodbye.

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