Spiritual Enlightenment and Awakening

This message was channelled from God.

The Difference Between Awakening And Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment is something very profound it is not the same as having what many describe as a spiritual awakening. Some people are having an amazing and heavenly experience of Jesus, Mother Mary, or some other saint and some people are finding their unity with me the divine, with God with the All That Is. However, I would like to make one thing very clear – these experiences or spiritual breakthroughs are not the be-all and end all of one’s spiritual path. On the contrary, these experiences are sometimes the very beginning of a seeking for higher truth and higher awareness that many people describe in different terms.

Some people call the enlightened mind the I AM Presence some people refer to the awakened nature of reality as the All-Seeing Eye, some people even call the awakened nature Jesus or Mohammed or some other figure. My message today is that you can achieve a spiritual breakthrough, a spiritual awakening without too much effort, sometimes it will come in a moment of profound peace and serenity, for some people it can come at a time of immense difficulty as the breakthrough just envisions to that person the truth of all things and all of that person problems miraculously disappear.

Enlightenment Is The Ultimate Goal

Awakening is a process and it takes many many lifetimes to complete the process and attain spiritual enlightenment, but do not despair for you can go very very high, and even if you do not attain totally complete fulfillment and bliss you can still become a much easier person to be with and you can become someone who is completely open aware and serene. So do not try to get all the way to spiritual enlightenment right from the beginning, aim for some lesser goal like a taste of the awakened state or a glimpse into the true nature of reality and your own ingrained consciousness. It is totally possible to have an experience, a spiritual experience that will change you forever and you will never go back to the old ways of looking down on others or feeling better than others.

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Walking The Path

In any case, the point we are making is that spiritual enlightenment is not the same as what many in modern culture refer to as a spiritual awakening, that is not the same thing. The awakening mind is less clear and open than the awakened mind they are not the same thing and the one who is completely open and aware is able to do some things ordinary people would never be able to even conceive of. So this is the way to get there, practice daily meditations try to let go of thinking about me and mine and instead start to think about others, the more you meditate on love and awareness the easier it will be to do things for others and be in a path of service.

Focussing On Others Is The Path

The way to attain liberation or at least some kind of spiritual awareness is to focus on helping others, for it has been said and I agree with this statement, no one ever attained liberation or complete spiritual enlightenment for themselves, it can only be attained if your intention is to help all the others who are lost, confused and isolated. So if you really really want to attain complete happiness and freedom then start to give to others, giving and helping others is the most important physical way to attain happiness and along the way, some people may attain something they never even knew existed – some state of complete peace or complete joy or some other lofty attainment that will totally change them forever.

Spiritual Enlightenment And Awakening - The Divine Connection

So this is my aim here, to inform all of you that yes you can have a spiritual awakening and yes you will be able to live a life free from pain and despair if you really really are committed to helping others and you meditate on love and peace every day. Some people in the past have lived lives free from pain and without any hardship at all because they chose to incarnate on the human plane in order to bless others, these were the awakened ones and they too did a lot of spiritual progress in their past lives before incarnating onto Earth.

Meditation Is Key

Your day will come so keep practicing daily meditations at least twice a day, more if you can, and try to let go of thinking about me and me alone the more you can open your heart to others the easier will be your spiritual enlightenment, which will happen one day when you have gone so far you are no longer concerned with only yourself but with all beings.

And that was my message about awakening, spiritual awakening, and spiritual enlightenment, the two are related but they are definitely not to be confused with one another. I am the Divine I AM and I am here for each of you that wishes to be healed, to be blessed, and to live a life of happiness. Just ask me “Dear God, please help me to attain a state of complete freedom or happiness or immeasurable joy” and I will ask you to do something in return, only joking I will always help you always, I do not ask anything in return other than you attain to joy and freedom so I will be here for you if you ever need assistance, just ask me “Dear God, please be with me every day, please help me to be happy now and forever” and I will always assist those of you that sincerely ask me. And that is my wish for your happiness and your peace and we will all get to be blessed for now is a time of magic. Yes, I am complete goodbye!”

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