What Are Angel Readings?

This is a channelled message.

Angel Readings Introduction

Hello everybody. Today I want to talk about what it means to get a beautiful divine angel reading. Now many of you may have heard the term angel readings or angel reading and you may have thought what does this mean, how can an angel help me? Well, I would like to let you know that angels have many divine abilities there are many things angels know about you and for you that can really benefit you in your everyday life.

Angel Readings Explained

So how does an angel reading work? Well, what happens is that the channel or the person who is doing the session – the reader, connects to a very high and angelic guide and this angelic guide will come in through the person’s crown chakra. This is how it works: When the angel reader is doing a channelled session the angel reader will allow the angel to step inside the body and the angel will come through with a beautiful divine message. This message can be about anything it can be about your work, yes we can help you with your work, or it could be about your love life, absolutely we can help you with your love life. Or this message could be about something that is going on in the political spectrum, it could be about anything at all there is no limit to what you can ask an angel, and an angel can answer any question at all.

Angel Readings Continued

What Angels Do

Very good, so now we’ll discuss what do angels do, many in the angel kingdom are here to help the human race, that is not the only purpose we have. Many in the angelic kingdom have very different duties, some are cleaners yes they clean, indeed there are cleaners in the angelic realm, however, they would not clean in the usual sense. These beings clean the energy of others, some are cleaners, some are makers, some make things, some great things for others there are many different roles and the angels have all different kinds of duties and responsibilities.

What You Can Ask An Angel To Do

However I would like to let you know that with angel readings you’ll be connecting to a particular angel who has a specific duty that is in line with what you are asking, so whenever you get an angel reading or an angel channelled message you’ll be connecting to an angel who does exactly the type of role that is what you are asking. So by all means you could ask an angel to help you clear your energetic field that is totally possible on the other hand you can ask an angel to help you with your love life there are angels who specialise in giving love advice and love assistance there are also angels who would help others with the transition from one life to the next. Yes there are angels who help people when people are dying there are all kinds of angels and angels have no limit to what they can do.

Angel Readings - The Divine Connection

Angels can do absolutely anything at all they are incredibly powerful beings, very powerful and very blessed. Ok, one more thing to talk about what does it mean to get angel readings? An angel reading will help you in your love life and an angel really will help you in your everyday life and angel reading can help you with any aspect of your life. So if you ever felt the desire or the wish to see what an angel would say to you, you can absolutely make that happen just click the book now button and we will be pleased to assist you.

Angels Are Loved

Ok very good now I hope you understand a little bit more about what an angel reading is and why angels want to help you. There are many millions, millions of angels, and all of these are beings of absolute peace, joy, and love. All beings in the angelic kingdom are truly enlightened, enlightened they know what the truth of love is, they know what the truth of happiness is, they know exactly what makes people happy and their role, their desire, their heartfelt wish is to make the human race happy. This is what the angelic realm wants, the angelic kingdom wants to make the human race happy and that is why the angels are so fondly looked upon, that is why angels are so revered in many monastic and religious traditions all across the world. There are traditions that honour and revered angels, angels have been here with the human race for many generations. So all is well, I would like to let you know you can open your heart, yes you can. Ok very good I will go now but I have told you a little bit about what it means to get an angelic reading.

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