What is Channeling?

This article was channelled from God.

Greetings greetings greetings,  today I want to talk about channeling. Channeling is a wonderful type of ability, channelling is an ability that allows the channel to connect to a very high divine being. Channeling allows the channel to talk to absolutely any kind of angel, any kind of divine being, any kind of ascended master.

What Is Channeling?

So what is Channelling? Channeling is allowing some being from a very high dimension to use your physical vehicle as a conduit for a divine blessing, yes a blessing. Now many channelings are actually verbal, most channelings are verbal, but there are many different types of channelling. Some channeling can be from the heart, some can be from the divine mind, channeling comes in many different forms and not all channels are the same. Some channels work with beings like Archangel Michael some channels work with beings like Jesus. Some beings are from other dimensions and other galaxies. In any case, all that matters is that the channel is connecting to a being who is very high vibration.

Outline Of How Channeling Works

Ok very good now, how does channeling work? Well, there are few steps in this process. The very first step is divine protection. The channel must always put a divine shield a protective light around them when the channel has protected themself then they allow the heart to open, this is a very crucial step the heart must be fully, completely open if the heart is not open sometimes it can be difficult to connect to very high vibration. Ok very good, now what the channel does is the channel goes up into the higher dimensions, the channel calls upon a being from the very high dimension and asks them to come into his physical vehicle or her physical vehicle, and when the channeling begins the channel just relaxes and allows the words to come through them.

Now not all channels are actually spoken, some channels actually talk through energetic measures some channels talk through an opening of the heart some channels talk through dance, some channels talk through heart work, some channels talk through all kinds of means, but the most common form of channeling, the usual best-known form of channeling is when the channel speaks a message.

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The Benefits Of Channeling

So how does channeling help you? Channelling can enable you to get other-dimensional opinions, not just opinions but advice. Channeling can bring through many high vibrational beings who have many different abilities, some of these beings may be healers, some of these beings may be divine protectors some of these beings may be all kinds of things,  any kind of divine being can come through. So when you channel you are enabling yourself to become enmeshed with a very high vibrational guide. What this means is that guides can bless you, the guides can absolutely bless you, they can help you with any aspect of your life.

So now I would like to talk about how channeling is progressing in the spiritual world. Channelling has been around for a number of years, many many many years and in the past channels were usually used as a means of getting divine guidance. Now how channels are being used today is not exactly the same, channels have become something that is more readily available, channels are actually popping up all around the globe and channelling is becoming much more much much more common.

Channeling - The Divine Connection

Ok very good, so what we have talked about now is how channeling can assist you in your life.  Channeling is actually able to help you with any wish that you have, channeling can help you to achieve your dreams, yes it can. How so? Because the channel can tell you exactly what steps you need to take to fulfill your heart’s desires. So I say this: If you have a wish if you have something you want to happen in your life but you do not know how then I recommend a guided channeling session with Stephan. Stephan is a very clear channel and can connect many high vibrational beings, however, it is not always necessary to have a channel do the work for you.

Would You Like To Learn To Channel?

Sometimes you can do the work yourself, so what I recommend is that if you’re interested you should look up very well recommended learning to channel course (such as this free one I have here). It may be that you can get the answers for yourself, it may be that you can become the channel and you can receive any wish you want, however, if you do not know how and you do not have the inclination to learn to channel then I say get in touch with Stephan, he will help you with whatever you decide. Ok very good that was a little about channelling and what it is and how it can help you. I am God and I’ll be back whenever you need me goodbye for now.

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