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Hello everybody, spirituality: What is spirituality, what does it mean to be a spiritual person? There are many different things that we need to discuss here for spirituality is not something that you can easily grasp, it is not so easy to grasp. What does spirituality mean? Primarily spirituality means opening to something higher than the lower mind. What I’m talking about is spirituality means to connect with something that is higher than your ego, that is what spirituality is.

So how does one become a spiritual person and what does it mean to be a spiritual being? Spirituality means you are on a path to higher passion, a higher desire, what I’m talking about is the desire to become completely blessed, completely blessed. When you are a spiritual person you practice spirituality in many different forms. One kind of spirituality is involved with opening the heart, one kind of spirituality is involved with letting go of ego, and the two things are very closely linked. When you open your heart, you actually let go of layers of ego, when you open the heart you become more joyful, more spontaneous, more passionate, and more loving. Opening the heart is the path to true joy.

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So when one becomes spiritual there are many things that one encounters, some people encounter very difficult problems, some people encounter many different obstacles. What I’m talking about is there are some negative forces, there are some negative beings at play, there are some negative beings who would try to stop anyone who tries to accomplish spiritual attainment. So how do you deal with these things? There are many different ways to deal with them, but most importantly you can call upon someone who can protect you, it is very important to be closely linked with a being who can protect you because the spiritual path is not an easy path, by no means. Don’t think that the spiritual path is an easy and painless process, becoming spiritually awakened becoming, spiritually evolved is by no means an easy thing, it is a very difficult, difficult thing. Now what I want to talk about is this there are some forces of darkness, there are some forces of oppression that try to keep human beings and all kinds of beings in the dark. They try to keep you in the dark, they don’t want you to find the truth, why? Because they feed, they feed off the pain, they feed off suffering. This is the truth, there are those beings out there who feed off pain and suffering so they don’t want you to become free of these things. So my advice is this: If you want to practice spirituality truly, then I advise you to find a being who can call upon to protect you. There are many many many different beings, you can call upon angels like Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael is one of the highest and best protectors you can call upon but there are many different beings in all kinds of different spiritual traditions and I said spiritual traditions because I’m not just about things that are talked about in different religions. There are many different beings from different spiritual traditions so you can call upon.

Ok, so that is the basics of what spirituality is and what it means to be a spiritual person. Spirituality is for those who seek something more in life, if you seek something greater than just material success and material happiness, if you want something more meaningful, more joyful, happier then practice spiritually. Find the path that is most akin to your soul nature, there are many different paths out there, Buddhism is one, Tantric yoga is one, spiritual practices of many different mystical traditions can I help you accomplish happiness and joy. But I say this – you must find a divine protector, you must find a divine protector there are many different protectors so find the one that speaks to you. If you feel called to call upon archangel Uriel then you can, if you feel called to call upon Jesus then call upon Jesus, call upon any being who is enlightened who is awakened, who can hear you and protect you. Ok, that is the basics of spirituality, it is not an easy path, it is not a painless path it is a very arduous journey, there are many difficulties and triumphs along the way. Triumphs and successes as well as pains and problems, all of this is part of the spiritual learning process. Good, I hope you’ve learned a little bit more about what spirituality truly is. I am God and I’ve been your guide for this message goodbye.

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