What Is Energy Healing?

This article was channelled from Jesus.

Energy Healing Overview

Hello everybody, lets talk about energy healing, energy healing is the way that you can relieve a lot of stress, energy healing is the way that you can relieve boredom, frustration, and anger all of these problems can be released through energy healing. Now there is a lot more to talk about for energy healing can actually heal all kinds of physical problems and emotional difficulties. If you really really, really wish to be healed then I say this you should look into receiving an energy healing session with Stephan. Stephan is a very gifted energy healer but I’m not just here to talk about Stephan I’m here to talk about many many things.

Channelled Energy Healing

So what is energy healing and how does a healer help you when you receive an energy healing session? When an energy healing occurs, the healer connects, in this modality in the modality we talking about, the modality that is practiced by many beings, many healers, the healer connects to a high vibrational light being. The being could be someone like Archangel Raphael or Sandalphon or could be someone like Jesus. All of these high vibrational beings are very good at working with people’s problems and people’s difficulties. So the being comes through the healer, comes through the channel, and heals the person.

The being comes through the person’s energy body and transfers some healing energy and some light into the client, the sitter. The sitter is open to receive, the sitter must be open to receive and the sitter must believe truly that the healing can occur. When both things, when both things are together, the sitter who believes that the healing can occur and a gifted healer who can connect to a high vibrational being then absolutely anything, anything at all can be healed. Now it is very important that the healer must be connected to one of the very highest divine beings, so the healing must always practice protection and safety. The healer must practice protection and safety and ensure that only those of the very highest light are coming through.

energy healing

Energy Healing Continued

What Energy Healing Can Help With

Ok very good, so what can energy healing help you with? Healing is very good for many difficulties many problems, physical problems, and emotional difficulties, aches, and pains, chronic diseases all of these things can be relieved and reduced by energy healing sessions. In this case, the healer would open to a very high vibrational being and would allow a great amount of divine light to flow through them, the divine light will go into the recipient’s energy body and would relieve all kinds of problems.

All Problems Are Related To Energy And Can Be Healed

Now I say this – any problem you have, whether it’s a physical problem or an emotional problem or even a mental disorder, all these problems have their roots in the energy system of the body. So there is nothing that cannot be changed, there is nothing that cannot be altered and everything can be relieved and reduced. Energy healing is one of the ways that you, the divine sitter can receive your heart’s desires, we can help you with anything at all. So healing can occur on many levels, healing can occur on the etheric body, healing can occur on the emotional body, healing can occur on the physical body. There is no energy system that we cannot work with, we can work with all energy systems.

How To Find An Energy Healer

Ok very good, so what I recommend is if you’re interested in energy healing you should look into a channeled energy healing session with Stephan. Stephan is a very gifted healer who can bring through all kinds of divine beings. So whoever you feel most drawn to, whether it could be archangel Sandalphon, whether it’s archangel Uriel whether its Mother Mary, whoever you feel drawn, to that being, that light being can come through and can reduce your problems and increase your well-being by a great amount. Energy healing is really effective for especially those problems that physical science has no way to deal with. This is where energy healing is most effective, with problems that western medicine does not easily deal with. Some things cannot be very well dealt with by western medicine, some things can only be dealt with by working with the deeper layers of the energy body.

So I recommend an energy healing session with Stephan look him up on YouTube if you’re interested in his meditations, he channels divine beings and many very high vibrational beings and would love to hear what you have to say. Ok very good, I am Jesus, I am Jesus and I’m here to tell you this, you will receive your heart’s desires. You will so relax, I love you goodbye.

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