What Is Spiritual Strength?

This article on spiritual strength was channelled from God on 26/10/2022.

Spiritual Strength – The Basics

Hello everybody this is God. Let’s talk about what spiritual strength really is. Spiritual strength means three things – enjoyment, compassion and transformation. Those are the three pillars of spiritual strength.

So, in order to understand spiritual strength, one must understand what is weakness. Let’s talk about weakness. First of all, weakness means you don’t have the energy to fulfill your desired outcome and energy doesn’t necessarily just mean physical energy. it can be emotional energy too.

Basically, when someone’s weak they can’t get what they want done or they fail at what they’re trying to do. Basically, there are three reasons why people are weak and I’ll go into them very briefly: People don’t have enough love, people think too much of only themselves and not others and the finally someone can be physically ill which can make you weak in various ways.

The Four Pillars Of Spiritual Strength – Self Care

Let’s talk about how to be strong and how to not be weak. Basically, it comes down to a sense of truly caring for yourself first of all and secondly caring for people around you. That is the basic pillar of how to be strong and how to have spiritual strength.

So, I said there were three pillars of spiritual strength there actually 4 because basically caring for yourself is a very important part of any spiritual pursuit. You must care for yourself tremendously because if you neglect self-care how can you care for others? You can’t.

Spiritual Strength - The Divine Connection


The second pillar of spiritual strength is enjoyment. Now people think enjoyment it means having a good time, going out with friends, driving into the city, doing the things you love. That can be enjoyment, but enjoyment can also come from having a cup of coffee, talking to a friend, living your life. It’s important to enjoy life and I wish upon everyone of you that you can find meaning and enjoyment together.


The third pillar of spiritual strength is compassion. Now compassion is not just feeling sorry for someone, it’s more about understanding that people and have needs and people aren’t getting their needs met.

So truly be compassionate means you think of others as well as yourself and you’ll spend your time and energy trying to help others. There is also self-compassion which is when you’re suffering, when you’re not getting what you need, you attend to your needs and your make yourself feel better. Compassion can be for self or others, ultimately compassion has no differentiation between self and others, but in the relative world there two types of compassion.


Now the final pillar of spiritual strength is transformation. This is because if you’re not growing, then you’re actually not helping yourself. Everyone needs to change and we should always change every single day. I would recommend if you want to change, if you want to become stronger and happier and more successful focus on meditation and meditation is very important. You can do breathing meditation, you can do insight meditation – trying to understand phenomena. You can do other types of meditation, but basically as long as you meditate you’ll be growing, I promise you.

Basically, spiritual strength means you get what you wish, sooner or later, you get what you wish. Spiritually weak just means you fail to get what you need and you’re worse and worse and worse. There is only one way or another way, you have a choice, take your pick.

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