Who Is God?

This message on who is God was channelled from God on 19/10/2022.

Hello everybody this is God. I’d like to talk about myself, how I want to talk about myself is in 3 ways – what I am, what I represent and what I help others with. Those are the three things I want to talk about.

Who is God?

So, let’s begin with what is God. Who is God? How can one understand the imaginary or wonderful or powerful enlightened consciousness which is what I am and what I become and what I choose.

Understand this much – if you believe in God, you believe in happiness. That’s the basic point, God represents happiness and happiness for as many people as dare to pray to me.

Dare To Pray To God

Now when I say dare to pray to me, I mean some people are too afraid, they think I’m not worthy, they think I’m not worthy so they don’t pray to God. They might pray to someone else, there are other beings one can pray to other than God, there are many different beings one can pray to, but if you are bold enough to dare to pray to God, then you will get amazing, incredible good fortune.

God Defined

So that’s the point on what God is. God is light, God is essence, God is tremendous, wonderful energy. That’s a short, brief definition of God.

Who is God? | The Divine Connection

So now let’s talk about what I represent. I represent the highest light of all of the creation – enlightened, unenlightened, I am the highest light.

God And Justice

Another thing I represent is Justice, because some people get harmed by others, taken advantage of, bullied at etcetera, if you’re one of these people you should pray to God for justice.

Now how does God give justice? There are three ways – intervening in certain situations, protection and making people powerful. Those are the three ways.

If you’re one person who likes to be offended by others or likes to be feeling that others have power over you, I can absolutely transform this situation. I can, just pray to me from the heart: “God please bring me the truest justice, bring me great justice.”

That’s a short definition of how I help others. There are different ways to help but I have any and all means that my disposal. I can choose from an infinite variety of abilities or choices or interventions, so there’s nothing I cannot help with, there’s no one I cannot help, absolutely true.

Finally let’s talk about how God helps others. Now we already gave a definition of how I help those who feel victimised, but I don’t just help victims, I also help bullies, I also help abusers, I also help alcoholics, all kinds of people get God’s help.

God Cares For All

Now you may think it’s kind of strange that God would help a bully, but a bully as someone who doesn’t understand what compassion is. A bully is someone who doesn’t understand how to value others happiness and in that way, they’re drawing more suffering to themselves. When you help another, you bring happiness to yourself, when you harm another, you drawing negativity, you are drawing suffering. So, for this reason I care as much about the sufferers, as I do about those who are inflicted by them.

Basically, I care for everyone completely.

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