A Powerful Self-Compassion Guided Meditation

This self-compassion guided meditation was channelled from Jesus on 05/11/2022.

Hello everybody. Today we’re going to do a self-compassion guided meditation and this meditation will include three things – loving yourself truly, caring for the way you’ve been through ups and downs and forgiving everything you did. Those are the three things we will do today, so relax and let’s begin.

Why We Sometimes Dont Have Self-Compassion

Ok so let’s talk about self-compassion and why we really need to care for ourselves in a deep and powerful way. The reason some of you don’t have self-compassion is because you have a negative belief about yourself. This belief can be something like “I’m a bad person” or I’ve harmed other people or why did I do that, why did I do this? Hanging onto things you did, these can be the reasons why we’re not truly compassionate as much as we really deserve to be.

Why Self-Compassion Matters

Let’s talk about why it is that we need self-compassion. This is because have to have self-compassion one needs to care for oneself and value one’s own happiness, you need to value your happiness. Your happiness is very important, now in order to understand why you get things that happened to you that you don’t like, one needs to care deeply for oneself, before one can understand why things happen that one doesn’t like.

So before we talk about why bad things happen to you and why you’ve had a unfortunate circumstances in your life, let’s talk about this: What would happen if you didn’t know who you were and no one ever cared for you? That’s what happened to you, you didn’t know who you were and no one ever cared for you, you’ve never had true love. No one has ever deeply loved you which is why you have trouble loving yourself. I’m going to correct that, I’m the one who can correct this and I will.

Self-Compassion Guided Meditation - The Divine Connection

Self-Compassion Meditation – Step 1

So, let’s start a meditation and the meditation goes like this: I want you to relax, breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Deeply breathe all the way down to the abdomen breath down all the way to the abdomen and as you breathe in open the heart, just imagine your heart opening. As you breathe out let go of all your worries, do this for 5 minutes.

Self-Compassion Meditation Step 2

Now we start the first part of the meditation, which is to truly care for yourself. What you need to do is imagine this – see yourself in front of you. Just visualise you’re standing in front of you and now I want you to do this: I want you to say “I’m sorry” say to yourself I’m sorry and the reason you’re saying I’m sorry is because you haven’t cared for yourself as much as you should.

Self-Compassion Meditation Step 3

Now that you said I’m sorry, I want you to imagine you open your heart and you send a ray of sunshine into yourself who’s in front of you. This sunshine represents opening the heart and sending love, you send your love yourself. Do this for a few minutes.

Self-Compassion Meditation Step 4

The next part of it is this: We just accept that everything that happened to us had to happen. It had to be that way, even though we don’t see the reason, it did. So, the next part of the meditation is this: I want you to think back to the worst time in your life, the hardest thing that ever happened to you. Bring it to mind and now want you to forgive yourself and everything that happened, just forgive it all.

Just imagine that situation and open your heart and send love to everything that happened – yourself, the others involved, the circumstances, send love to everything. Really, truly do this and you’ll feel so much better, you will feel so much happier.

Ok the final thing I wanted to talk about is how do we let go of the past? It’s easy, you just imagine everything that happened to you was a necessary ingredient in your growth and you’re learning and your higher awareness.

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