What is Magic?

This article on magic was channelled from God on 18/11/2022.

What is Magic? How does magic happen? Is Magic possible? Let’s answer all these questions.

First of all, magic is something the people don’t always understand completely. Magic is a power that can be understood, but not always in the way people think or imagine.

Magic Defined

Basically, magic is transforming some kind of phenomenon in a way that is not commonly understood to be possible.

True Magic is Love

So, who can perform magic and is it really possible? Let’s answer this question quite beautifully and amazingly and like this – magic is something that can happen when people really give into love. That’s the first answer, that’s one type of magic there are other forms of magic too, but let’s go into this one first.

When someone gives into love, when they decide that they will just do whatever is required in order to be the most loving person, then things can happen that have never been seen or done. For example, someone may have given into love totally and completely and then their dreams come true. Their dreams could come true or something they’ve always wished for happens and this might even be something that science says is not possible.

Now what is the best form of magic? Basically, I would recommend if you want to know about magic then practice love. Absolutely practice love, love is a gateway to all kinds of spiritual blessings that most people could not even imagine. Love is the ultimate power and the greatest power of all, love is supreme.

What is Magic? - The Divine Connection

Not All Magic is Love Based

However, there are of course other forms of magic. There are forms that people perform when they do not love. In fact, there is a type of magic where one can try and cause harm to others this is known as black magic. I would say this about black magic – if you practice black magic, you yourself will reap exactly what you sow. So, if you’re trying to harm people, maybe destroy their lives or takeaway their happiness, then exactly the same thing will come back up on you. For that reason, I would say why would you ever want to even touch this magic? Why would you want to go within a mile of it?

Elemental Magic

However, there are other forms of magic too such as elemental magic – using the natural elements to create things to change things to bless people. That’s also a real thing and those who practice elemental magic there generally quite loving people.

However, the problem with elemental magic is it’s not actually enlightened. It’s not completely, totally, supreme. It’s a slightly lesser form of power, not the greatest form of power.

Want Magic? Practice Love

But I will say this if you’re interested in magic, I think the best thing to do is to start with a meditation, a simple meditation and this meditation should be sending your love to other people. Start with opening your heart, because that is the foundation of any true, real, spiritual ability.

If you can open your heart, if you can turn yourself into the most loving person, someone who enjoys life even more, then after that I would recommend doing some kind of meditation on something like channelling or talking to divine guides. Talk to spirit guides, then when you’re already loving and when you can talk to spirit guides, they can teach you things that most people would not even think of as possible or real, they can teach you divine powers.

So that being said magic is real. Magic is absolutely real, there are at least three different types of it and I would recommend following the highest path of all.

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