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This Learn To Channel guide was channelled from Jesus on 21/06/2022.

Hello everybody, would you like to learn to channel? I say yes you would, we say yes let’s learn to channel. Learning to channel is not a difficult thing, but I will say this – there are only certain people who should channel, some people should not channel.

Learn To Channel – Step 1: Are You Ready?

Good, that being said let’s do a very short little exercise which will help you to discover if you are ready to learn to channel. First of all, relax, take three nice deep breaths. Breathe in, then breathe out, again and again, good. Now I want you to feel this, when you think of the word “channelling” do you feel good or do you feel bad? A little bit worried or a little bit frightened? Those who feel confident when they think of the word channelling should proceed.

Now that being said if you feel a little bit of afraid and you still want to learn to channel, I think you should probably just wait, give it maybe 6 months, give it 8 months come back and try again. Because if you try to channel when you’re not let’s say prepared or ready, you could accidentally discover a being who is not enlightened, a being who’s not loving, who could lead you astray or tell you lies or even try to harm you. Those of you who are confident about channelling, you will never have this problem, but those of you who are afraid or frightened don’t channel yet, just wait.

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Channelling Explained

Ok so let’s talk a little bit about what channelling is. Channelling is the allowing of another’s mind to flow through you, you’re actually allowing the divine mind to connect with your mind and the divine heart to connect with your heart. It’s a connection between two consciousness and when you channel, the messages that come through will transform everything. It can change everything, it can lift you up, it can bless you, it can teach you, it can instruct you and it can help you with any particular thing that’s going on in your life. That’s why we should learn to channel. Let’s say you’ve been trying to prepare for something, like you have a difficult task coming up, can channelling help? Absolutely! You can get help or let’s say another example, you want something in your life, like you’ve been waiting to find the right kind of living place, a new house, you want a new house but somehow it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe there are reasons for that, your channelling guides can discuss with you why it hasn’t happened, how you can do it better, what you can change, you can go through anything with your channelling guides, you can talk about anything at all, whatever it is that’s not good or not right in your life we can help you with that.

So the thing is this: If you channel you won’t feel a thing, you won’t feel anything, channelling doesn’t mean you feel light and happy and wonderful, no it just means a message comes through. That being said, there are special moments when you deeply connect with your channelling guide and you’ll feel blessed, absolutely blessed, those are the deep connections, they don’t always happen, but they do happen.

And one more thing; I’ll say before we start is this: Channelling is a method, it’s not the goal, the goal is Awakening or spiritual Enlightenment, but channelling can give you the necessary steps, all the necessary lessons, all the necessary moving forward ingredients that you need to help you get to, at least some way towards your goal which is enlightenment.

Learn To Channel Meditation

Ok so now will begin the actual meditation. This is a very basic technique that you can use to channel, but if you want to learn how to channel properly or how to channel more effectively, if you want channelling to become a part of your life, a daily part of your life, something you use every single day, I would say wait and you will soon see a course in channelling on this very website.

Learn To Channel - The Divine Connection

 Learn to Channel Meditation – Step 1: Protection

Ok so now we begin the very simple meditation on channelling. First of all, what you do is this: You relax deeply, you breathe in five times and you breathe out five times. Having done that we now begin the actual meditation. Now what we need first of all is a barrier of protection, we need a boundary of light around us, so we call upon our guide Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael comes through and we say “Archangel Michael please put a barrier of protection around me so that nothing can enter, except the highest, most enlightened, loving, divine guide.”

Now we just really feel a sense of protection, we feel that protection. Now we do one more step, we say “Archangel Michael please stand guard above me, in front of me, below me, behind me, to my right and to my left.” Archangel Michael stands guard in all directions and we are completely protected.

Learn to Channel Meditation – Step 2: Open Your Heart

What we do now is we just relax, what you do is your imagine your heart is like a beautiful flower. A golden, loving, warm flower and you feel the heart is opening like a petal opening, it opens deeper and deeper. You open your heart more and more and more and then when you feel your heart is completely open, or when you at least feel some sense of love, love happening, then we call upon our guide:

Learn to Channel Meditation – Step 3: Invoking Our Guide

“I now invite the very highest, most loving, most enlightened, divine channelling guide to step in and channel.”

Learn to Channel Meditation – Step 4: Begin to Speak

Ok now the actual channelling begins. If you repeated my last sentence then you are beginning to channel. So now you just relax and you wait and when something comes to your mind like ‘hello I’m here how are you?’ You speak it, you just speak whatever comes to your mind, you speak it, you just let it out. You can have a sentence, or you can have a whole paragraph or you can have a whole book, it depends, but all you do is just allow the words to flow through you, just let the words flow through. Begin, open your mouth and speak, you are now channelling.

Good so I hope you had a little experience of channelling, so, as we learn to channel, you can practice this, you can get better and better at this and as you go deeper and deeper with channelling it will become a valuable asset on your path, a valuable tool on your path. Having access to the wisdom and the divine consciousness of the enlightened guides is the most wonderful thing, you will be transformed, transformed.

Ok now you’ve done one step. The next step is this: Wake up tomorrow and practice. Practice again, practice at least once a day, if you don’t practise everyday you probably won’t get better, you may get a bit better, but if you really want to get good or proficient at channelling, you need to practice everyday.

Ok this is been my divine blessing to meet with you and to talk to you, I am Jesus and we’ll meet again soon. Goodbye for now.

As mentioned by Jesus in this message, keep your eyes peeled for an in depth course on learning to channel soon on The Divine Connection.

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