What Are Angel Messages?

This article was channelled from God.

Angel Messages Introduction

Greetings, hello today I’m going to talk about angel messages, what is an angel message how can angel messages touch you, bless you and open your heart? There are many different angels out there, there are literally millions, millions, and millions of divine beings that you on the human realm refer to as angels. We in heaven do not call ourselves angels, we call ourselves the protectors, the servants, the guardians. We use all kinds of different names.

Angel Messages Definition

So what is an angel message? An angel message is any communication that comes from a very high vibrational being, one of God’s beautiful loving angels.

Ok so there are a few things we can talk about, one of them is this – when you open your heart that is when you can much more clearly receive divine messages. Some of you may have heard angels talking to you, some of you may have received an angel message while you were asleep. Maybe, in any case, you will, you will, you will know what it’s like to communicate with angels.

The Role Of Angels

Ok so the next thing we’re going to talk about is what is an angel and how does an angel help you? If you are living on Earth angels are the divine protectors, angels are the divine guardians and the gatekeepers. But angels are not only protectors, angels have many different functions, some angels are guardians, some angels are healers, some angels are manifestation guides. There are literally thousands and thousands and thousands of different archetypes of angelic beings, so there is absolutely limitless, limitless amount of things that angels can do. So whatever it is that you’re wanting to do, whatever it is that you’re wanting to achieve, you can absolutely call upon a divine angel to assist you with it, the important step in the process the important part of the process is that you absolutely relax, you relax first and then you allow your heart to open.

Angel Messages

More About Angel Messages

Angel Message Meditation

Now I’m not saying that everyone who does this meditation will receive angel messages but some of you might so what you can do is visualise this your heart is a beautiful golden flower, your heart is a beautiful flower, imagine every petal of your flower is opening and feel as your heart opens. Next, you want to visualise opening your heart even wider, so you can visualise the flower of your heart grows bigger and bigger and bigger you can make it as big as the sky, you can make it as big as you wish.

Connecting With Your Angelic Guide

The more open your heart is the easier it is to connect with the divine being. Next, you visualise your heart open so wide that you are touched by angelic beings to imagine your heart is so wide open that angels can connect with you. Ok now you imagine calling on the very highest, most loving angel and you ask this angel to speak to you now. Some of you may hear a message, some of you may clearly absolutely clearly hear the message, some of you may write it down immediately, I suggest before you do this exercise you grab a pen and paper. All that you need to do is open your heart and then whatever comes to your mind is the angel message, whatever you hear is the angel message.

Ok very good so we have done a short meditation, now I would like to specify how you can accept angel messages. You may wish to hear more clearly what your angels have to say to you, if this is the case I can recommend Stephan’s channeling sessions, if you book a session with Stephan he will connect to your highest, most loving angel and he’ll bring through a very detailed and clear in-depth message about whatever it is that you most wish to hear.

How Angel Messages Can Help You

Your angel could be here to help you achieve spiritual enlightenment, your angel could be here to help you achieve material happiness and financial abundance, your angel could help you with anything – your love life, your work life, your career, your health all aspects of your being. There is nothing, nothing, nothing that an angel cannot help you with. The only thing an angel will not help you with is if you were trying to cause suffering or fear in another. That is the only thing an angel will not help you with, everything else, anything else an angel helps you with.

Ok very good, I think we’ve talked enough about angels, but now you understand how you can connect with your angels, you can practice this every day if you want (If you want a free introduction on how to channel you can find one here). Ok very good I am the Divine I AM, I am what you call God and I have been the guide, the healer, the manifester, I have done many things. I’m here and I need you to relax, relax don’t worry too much, if you heard a message that is beautiful, if you didn’t clearly hear a message you will, you will hear a message. Ok very good I am done I’ll see you soon goodbye.

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