How To Be Compassionate – A Guide

This article on how to be compassionate was channelled from Jesus on 06/11/2022.

Hello everybody this is Jesus the Christ. I want to talk about the topic of how to be compassionate. Let’s talk about a few things, first of all what is compassion? Secondly how to be compassionate and thirdly why be compassionate?

Overview of Compassion

Let’s talk about compassion. Basically, if you don’t know what compassion is, you’ve never really felt love and if you’ve never felt love you had a very unfortunate existence. Really, truly it’s very unfortunate because those who have compassion get the most wonderful joys and pleasures and successes – wonderful, amazing.

What is Compassion?

So, compassion is basically having a sense of wanting another to be free of misery, free of pain, free of difficulty and also one can think of this way for themselves too. Compassion is for both self and others, real compassion, true compassion has no bounds, there is no limit to how deeply you can feel for someone and when you feel that deeply for someone your heart will literally do anything to help them. There is nothing you won’t do.

Why Be Compassionate?

So, the question arises why be compassionate? What’s the purpose of being compassionate? I’ll simply give you a little pointer – if you want success in life, if you want joy in life, if you want friends, if you want company, if you want to have enjoyable things that happen to you, then compassion is a must have.

How To Be Compassionate - The Divine Connection

Compassion and Open Heartedness

Basically, when you have compassion, you allow others to feel your energy and when they feel your energy, they get to like you. When you have a closed heart, you’re cutting off the flow of natural energy which flows between people. When the heart is closed, you don’t give any energy to someone, you may take it from them, but you don’t give. When you have an open heart, you give energy, you don’t just take it. So, people with open hearts, they tend towards other people with open hearts, they don’t tend much towards people with closed hearts.

But a person with great compassion would have no difficulty in helping someone with a closed heart, because they see their suffering, they feel what they’re going through and they literally want them to be free of their negativity.

However, someone with compassion would never get taken advantage of, because they have compassion for themselves, they would never prioritise someone else’s needs over another person’s needs and  would never prioritise someone’s needs so much that they completely lack and go without for themselves.

How To Develop Compassion?

Now the question arises, if you want to be compassionate, if you know I need more compassion then how do you do it? How to be compassionate? Basically, there is a simple process you can use and I won’t go through the whole process here, but I’ll give you a very basic outline.

What you can do if you don’t have compassion is think of others who are suffering and imagine sending compassion from your heart into them and when you sending compassion you imagine you’re sending an energy which wishes for them to be happy. You can say “I feel for you” or “I wish you to be happy” or something like that. This is a very basic outline of how to be compassionate.

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