A Powerful Guided Angel Meditation

This guided angel meditaiton was channelled from God on 18/06/2022.

Hello everybody. Today is the day when we going to do a beautiful guided angel meditation. Ok so let’s begin. How do we do this meditation? There are two parts to it, one is relaxing and opening the heart, that is the first part, the second part is allowing the energy of a beautiful guide who is the archangel Uriel to connect with us.

Guided Angel Meditation Step 1: Breath and Relax

Ok so the first step in this guided angel meditation is this relax please and feel that everything is like a kind of shimmering glowing wonderful appearance. Imagine everything is a glowing environment, just imagine that in your mind, take a moment to really feel that. Ok now what I want you to do is take three nice deep breaths, breathe all the way down and as you breathe in feel your heart opens, your heart opens completely and then as you breathe out feel everything is relaxed. Open your heart and relax, open your heart and relax.

Ok so the second step is this: I want you to imagine your heart is like a beautiful vase, imagine it’s a vase, it’s right open at the very top and it’s narrow at the bottom. Imagine the vase of your heart expands outwards, it expands bigger and bigger, let the heart open completely and feel that you are joyful, you are joyful, you are joyful.

Guided Angel Meditation The Divine Connection

Guided Angel Meditation Step 2: Invoking Archangel Uriel

Ok now what I want you to do is imagine in front of you appears the beautiful Angel Uriel, Archangel Uriel. He’s glowing, he is vibrant, he is powerful, he’s tremendously powerful and he appears like a beautiful figure with a beautiful lotus on his right hand and a golden staff in his left hand, feel that in front of you.

Ok now Uriel says ‘let me connect with your energy, I will give you a beautiful transmission today, I want you to imagine my energy is reaching out to touch you, my energy is expanding all around you, I expand around you with my light and I bring you closer to me, imagine we are getting closer and closer.’

Guided Angel Meditation Step 3: Connecting With Angelic Light

Good now I want you to feel Archangel Uriel, he sends you a light from his third eye, it goes from the third eye into your heart chakra and it’s like a beautiful white light it’s very white and it’s very joyful. This energy goes right through you, feel as the light reaches your heart chakra and begins to merge with you, it merges with you deeply and deeply deeply.

That’s good, now I want you to feel from Archangel Uriel’s throat chakra comes a red light, it’s red and it’s very pure, it’s pure and red this red light comes right through you and as it comes through it washes away all the stagnation, all the lower vibrational energy, it washes you clean so feel as this beautiful light it runs through you now, right through your very energy field deeply.

Ok now finally from Archangel Uriel’s heart chakra comes a white light which is pure and very direct this direct light it goes right through your heart and it opens your heart completely, it completely opens the heart and feel as the heart begins to soften and enlarge it gets bigger and bigger, this light really makes your heart chakra open now deeply deeply deeply.

Ok now what you need to say is this say after me, repeat this, I want you to repeat after me Archangel Uriel says “I now open my heart, I now anoint myself with the light of the divine, I’m now cleansed and purified, I wish I wish I wish, amen amen amen.”

Very good now you’ve been anointed with the light of Archangel Uriel and the protective angels you’ve been given a very powerful blessing today in this guided angel meditation, so keep this power within you, it will stay within you for a long time now.

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