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This is a message channelled from Jesus on 31/08/2021.

Spirit Guides: Introduction

Greetings greetings greetings. What is a spirit guide? A spirit guide is a being who is in another frequency, a being from a high dimension, a being who can bless and heal your very essence. So if you want to know more about spirit guides, there are many gifted channels out there, there are many people who can connect with your spirit guide. In fact, there are several people who know how to make you feel the presence of your spirit guide.

How To Tell A Real Spirit Guide

So what is a spirit guide all about? What are they here for, what do they, what do they bring us? A spirit guide is a being of a very high frequency who is interested in your well-being, if a spirit guide is not interested in your well-being they are not a true spirit guide, they are an entity. The only spirit guide who you should make contact with is someone who is enlightened, enlightened, or of the highest dimensions. So when you connect with the spirit guide it’s very important to make sure you are connecting with a very high vibrational being, if you just connect with any spirit or any entity then you may be traumatised, you may even be attacked, psychically attacked. So my message is this: When you make connections with your spirit guide you should always make sure your spirit guide is truly the being and the blessing that they claim to be.

So I said a little bit about the dangers of connecting with the spirit world, for there are dangers, one needs to be very well protected, one needs to be very clear and very discerning about who you connect with. So if you take all this into account and you still want to connect with your spirit guide, I say this we can do a guided visualisation. You don’t need to be afraid, there is nothing to fear, for if you follow this instruction you will be completely protected.

Self-Compassion Guided Meditation - The Divine Connection

Spirit Guide Meditation

Meditation Step 1: Protection

Ok, so the very first thing I want to do is to call upon the protective energy of beautiful Archangel Michael. Call upon the archangel Michael, the angel of protection, visualise Archangel Michael a being with a bright powerful sword and shining armour is standing guard above your third eye chakra, realise he’s above your third eye chakra and visualise he will protect you and make sure that you only see that which is of the highest dimensions.

Meditation Step 2: Connecting With God

So after you have protected yourself and feel the presence of the archangel Michael then I want you to visualise this – imagine from your heart a beautiful silver thread goes up into the angelic Kingdom. This silver thread goes all the way up into the Angelic Kingdom and it connects with the heart of God. You are now connected to the heart of God, now I want you to imagine God is sending you someone, God is sending you an angel, God is sending you a guide just for you.

Meditation Step 3: Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Now very good you must relax and go deeply, start breathing very deeply, breathe down into your abdomen, take three deep nice long breaths, and then I want you to open your heart and visualise your spirit guide is in front of you. Just relax if you see something clearly then you’ll have seen your own true spirit guide, if you don’t see much if you can’t connect very well, don’t worry about it just relax.

Meditation Step 4: Your Spirit Guide’s Message

The next step and the final step is this – I want you to visualise your spirit guide is going to give you a message, so just relax take a few deep breaths, take a few deep breaths and now ask yourself what does my spirit guide want to say? You may write it down, you may get a pen and paper, get a pen and paper and you start writing whatever comes to your consciousness, whatever comes to your mind is the right message, or you can just speak, you can speak it out loud, let the words come out, don’t hesitate, don’t hesitate just let the words come out. Good, now you have received a beautiful message from your true spirit guide.

Connecting With Your Spirit Guide: Summary

Ok, so there’s not much more to say except this: When connecting with a spirit guide one should always protect one’s energy, it is very important to do protection, the safer you feel the more protected you are, the easier it will be to truly relax and the more relaxed you are the easier it will be to connect with your spirit guide. So that is little meditation on how to connect with your spirit guide, if you want to know more you can learn to channel here, always follow the instructions. If you are intereted in a channelling session with Stephan, you can book here. Goodbye.

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