Let’s Talk About Surrender

This article on surrender was channelled from God on 09/12/2022.

Surrender Overview

Now let’s talk about surrender; what is surrender and why does surrender matter?

Surrender is not just losing, not just giving up something, but also gaining something. Surrender is actually getting, it’s not losing.

Why Surrender?

Now how do you go about surrendering and who do you surrender to? Let’s explore these issues.

You must understand this: Those who surrender are those who go further than the rest. Those who truly surrender, they stop being limited, they stop being misguided, they stop doing, let’s say, wasteful activities and they start doing things that really mean something.

Now, in order to surrender, one needs to have real true trust and real true belief in the consciousness or the intelligence that one is surrendering to. For example they may surrender to me; they may surrender to God and then they say “God I give you control of my life, you choose how and when I do things. I want you to take control of my life.” That’s one way to surrender.

Surrender - The Divine Connection

Surrender and Trust the Universe

But there are other ways to surrender too. For example, when something happens in your life that you do not like; that feels unwanted or unpleasant or nasty or something undesirable happens, you can react in two ways: Either you can get angry and upset and think ‘why is this happening to me, why would the universe give this to me?’ That’s one way or there’s another way to react which is where you say “ok maybe there’s some kind of teaching here, maybe I’m learning something.” When you accept things in that way, that there’s some kind of blessing in every situation, that surrender. That’s real, true surrender.

In order to surrender to the universe, let’s say you’re someone who trusts the universe. If you want to surrender to the universe, you don’t necessarily have to ask, you just have to believe that the universe always brings the right thing at the right time. When you think that universe is bringing you the right thing at the right time, you will stop resisting everything and getting upset all the time and you’ll start to flow more naturally with what happens. That’s surrendering.

How to Surrender to God

But there are other ways to surrender too. For example, if you want God to choose your life for you, to take control of your life, there are ways to do that, there are absolutely ways to do that. One is just to ask from the heart – pray to me, pray “dear God choose my life for me, I want you to choose how and when things happen, I want you to choose what happens, I want you to choose the best thing for me.” When you do that, you ask for the best thing for you, it will happen absolutely.

Surrender - The Divine Connection

Meditation to Surrender To God’s Will

So, if you want to surrender, if you want me to take over what happens in your life, then I can give you a simple process you can use, it goes like this:

What you do is you imagine your heart is opening, feel your heart opening like a beautiful golden rose flower; a beautiful rose. Feel the heart is truly opening, you must get into a state of warmth or love or enjoyment before you begin. Then once you are in a state of love, we will begin the meditation.

So now what you do is this: You imagine I am in front of you, the divine I AM, God, the highest consciousness of all is appearing in front of you. Imagine I appear like a bright shining, glowing light; a bright light is in front of you. Feel this is the presence of God, God is really here with you; you must truly believe I am present.

Now what you do is this: you imagine you’re offering me something: Imagine you give me something. You reach out and you give something and this something you’re giving me is your choices. You’re offering me your choices and imagine I take this offering from you and I accept it and then imagine this: Imagine a light goes through you, it reaches into your heart and puts in your heart a flower, a beautiful flower. Imagine you’ve received something for me.

Now what you do is you just say to me “God I surrender to you, I surrender to your highest outcomes, I surrender to your beautiful wishes, I surrender totally and I give you control of my life.” You must say it deeply from the heart and you must mean it and once you say this you have surrendered.

Now in order to surrender, one also needs to really believe that what’s going to happen will be for the best. That what’s going to happen will be better than if they were trying to do it on their own, and it will, I guarantee it.

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