Short Guided Meditation – Your Star

This is a short guided meditation, channelled from Jesus. Watch this meditation and connect to your highest, most powerful star, to meditate and clear your negative karma. You can use this meditation every single day and change your life!

Short Guided Meditation On Your Star

Transcription of the video:

“Hello everyone, hello hello hello. Today is a beautiful day, a very good day because I have something wonderful for you, a short guided meditation. Very very powerful, very powerful, this is a meditation that you can use every single day to connect with your star and to transform your energy. So what is this meditation? It’s something very simple, we will connect with our star, we will join with our star, we will merge with our star completely, merge for a short time and then we will do a clearing, it’s a very important clearing which will help us in some very important ways.

Meet Your Star Meditation – Step 1: Protection

Ok so the very first step in this short guided meditation is we call upon dearest Archangel Michael: Michael please protect us right now I want you all to feel Archangel Michael is standing above you, he’s right above you about 5 feet right in front of you and above and now we ask Archangel Michael to surround us in a protective shield.  So visualise that he puts a beautiful shield of light all around us, so the only thing that can enter in this meditation is our beautiful star, nothing else may enter.

Meet Your Star Meditation – Step 2: Invoking Our Star

Ok very good so now the next step is this: From the centre of your heart we make a beautiful prayer “my beautiful star please come in please connect with me now.” Ok now we begin the actual meditation, so I want you all to imagine your beautiful star is like a bright wonderful glowing light which is around 10 feet above you, coming down closer and closer. Feel your beautiful star come closer and closer and don’t see it like a small star in the sky, see it is a very big star very gregarious star, very powerful, see that. Ok now feel as your star is descending closer and closer and closer, feel as your star comes all the way down to the top of your head and then see the star enters your energy field.

It descends, goes down down down through the heart all the way into the centre of your consciousness, just relax deeply as your star begins to connect with the essence of you, you and the star are going to just surrender completely, surrender completely. Ok now I want you to say this to your star: “My dear star, I join with you, I join with you, I join with you” feel that your energy system is intertwining with that of your star, your star is connecting with you, your star is blessing you and your star is taking from you some things which do not serve.

Your star is actually taking those parts of you that cause suffering, that cause fear, that cause pain, he’s enlightening you, he, for stars are a masculine energy. Ok now completely surrender totally, if you’re willing to do this then follow along and say this to your star “my star join with me now as one, become one with my mind become one with my heart, become one with my very soul.” You and your star become as one completely and this will last for the rest of your life, you will always have a source of joy, a source of happiness, a source of guidance whenever you need. So surrender to your star and imagine your star begins to connect with you in a way you’ve never even imagined.

Meet Your Star - The Divine Connection

Ok very good now you have connected deeply with your star, for the duration of this meditation you and your star you’re connected as one, so I want you to sit in the space of peace, this space of radiance, this space of fullness, relax and meditate for a few minutes. I’ll give you three or four minutes.

Meet Your Star Meditation – Step 3: Meditate

*Mediate for a few minutes*

Meet Your Star Meditation Step 4: Energy Clearing

Ok very good now we continue. The next phase in this meditation is this; now we invoke our star to clear our energy, for all of us have some kind of energy which is not enlightened or not high vibrational. Your star will now clear your karma, all of us have made some kind of karma which is not joyful, karma which is not pleasant karma. So all we do is ask “dear star please clear my energy field completely” say this five times and as you say this feel as your star cleanses you from the very depths of you’re being, from the very depths of your mind, your star is clearing all that which is un-enlightened energy, which is unhappy energy. So relax and say this slowly five times “my star please clear me.” Good, your star is truly transforming your energy, he is transforming in such a way that you will enjoy much more pleasantness, much more joyful things, less unhappy things. If you do this everyday you will completely transform your energy and the small things that bother you, or the big things that bother you, the things that cause you pain and suffering will decrease. Decrease, decrease and the things that cause you happiness will increase.

Meet Your Star Meditation Step 5: Daily Practice

Ok so that’s the short guided meditation, so now the question is this: If you want to do this everyday, how do you do it? It’s simple; one you call the Archangel Michael to surround you in a shield of protection, you feel that shield before you begin, if you can’t feel the shield then try and do some other form of protection, try and find a form of protection where you truly genuinely feel nothing can enter except your star. That’s very important so feel that protection, once you felt the protection then you call upon your star and you see as your star comes down into the centre of your heart and into the centre of your consciousness. You merge with your star, you relax and you sit in meditation for a few minutes and then you say 5 times “my star please clear my energy” and you genuinely feel him clearing your energy.

That’s a simple meditation you can use everyday and if you do this you will change your life. Thank you my friends, this is Jesus and I’ll see you all soon.”

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