A Beautiful Guided Morning Meditation

This is a message channelled from Jesus on 15/11/2021.

Meditation: Open The Heart

Hello hello hello! Today is the day when we will guide you on a guided morning meditation. Love and joy are the things we’re going to focus on, so I want you to open your heart first, just visualise, imagine your heart is a beautiful sunflower. Take a few minutes to really feel a sense of your heart blossoming, expanding, feel it truly opening do that as we begin.

Ok now the next step is this – we will open you to a new level of happiness, a new level of pleasure, a new level of massive awakenings. Now that may sound like a lot, but it is a step by step process. What we will do today is a guided morning meditation which will help you to feel clear open and awake.

Meditation: Clearing

Ok so I want to do this first of all, take a nice deep breath, breathing all the way down into your belly, feel the breath entering your abdomen and as you breathe out I want you to imagine all of your sleepiness all of your fogginess is leaving your body, leaving your body. We will do this five times, breathe in and as you breathe imagine strength, love, happiness, joy filling you up and then on the outbreath imagine all the sleepiness, all the suffering, all the unpleasantness, is leaving you. We will do this five times so begin now.

Guided Morning Meditation The Divine Connection

Continuing The Guided Morning Meditation

Meditation: Sending Love

Ok very good now the next step is this, I want you to imagine your heart is like a beautiful golden chariot, yes a chariot. I want you to see your heart is powerful and strong and what I mean by chariot is something that can carry energy. So I want you to visualise the chariot of your heart is now going to grow bigger and bigger, now let go and imagine this the chariot inside your heart grows bigger and stronger and now it leaves your body, I want you to feel this is the energy of love leaving you, do this in a very loving way, do this in a loving way and as you imagine the love, the happiness the joy inside you, imagine sending it out to someone else. Do this to someone you love, imagine imagine the chariot of love carries your love to that person, see that chariot enter their heart and feel as they are blessed.

Ok very good now will begin again, I want you to see the chariot inside your heart is growing stronger, more powerful, more blessed, more radiant. Feel as this chariot gets stronger and stronger, now send  this love to someone else ,think of someone else you feel closeness towards, someone you feel kinship towards and imagine the chartiot in your heart goes out to them now and it expands and it connects with them and feel as your love connects with this person and then just spend a few minutes breathing out love to this person.

Meditation: Receiving God’s Blessing

Ok very good now we have sent love, now we are feeling joyful, now there is one more thing we must do, it is this. First of all imagine you are surrounded right now by a protective angel, imagine there is a protective angel surrounding you in all directions, you’re completely protected. Take a few minutes to really feel the protection of your loving angel. Good now imagine this – from God’s heart, from God’s heart comes a beautiful blessing. God sends you a beautiful blessing, this blessing is in the form of a sunray, feel from God’s heart a sunray touches you, it goes inside you, it blesses you. Feel the love of God entering you now and open and receive, say “I accept this blessing from the heart of God.”

Relax. Now ok, I want you to breathe in five times and on the in breath imagine God’s love is filling you, do that 5 times and then on the outbreath imagine you are letting go of all suffering, feel that love, joy, happiness on the in breath ,releasing all suffering and out breath, do this five times deeply and slowly.

Ok very good. Today is a beautiful day, tomorrow will be a good day, today will be the best day of your life in fact, it is already so relax. I hope you enjoyed this guided morning meditation, I love you I’m Jesus.

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