A Relaxing Guided Meditation For Anxiety

Meditation Step 1: Your Angel

Greetings greetings greetings. Today is the day when we will guide you on a guided meditation for anxiety which will heal your emotional body, not completely, not totally, but it will be a big step. So what I want you to visualise first of all is this: I want you to feel that you are protected by a beautiful angel, feel the presence of this beautiful angel who is your own light being, your own light being and your protector. So what I want you to visualise is your beautiful angel who is your own divine being who is here to guide you and assist you, feel the presence of a beautiful angel who is right above you, right above you.

Ok now what you imagine this, this angel says to you “now I’m going to heal you, now I want you to help me help me help you, what I need you to do is visualise I have the power, you must truly feel the presence of me, you must feel my presence”. So now I want you to count to 5, count to 5, take 5 long nice breaths and at the end of these 5 breaths I want you to imagine that the most powerful divine being is right protecting you, standing guard above your heart chakra. Feel this beautiful angel is inside the centre of your chest, inside the centre of you where your heart is, feel the angel connecting with you now, imagine this beautiful angel says to you “I can help you, all I need you need to do is relax”.

Now as you begin this meditation you must really accept, you must accept that this can be healed, for you need to understand is there is no physical or mental problem that cannot be healed. We can heal anything absolutely anything. It is key, it is absolutely key that you believe that we can heal you, so ask yourself do I really believe? If you don’t believe maybe you can try this meditation if you like, but it will be much much much more helpful if you truly believe.

Guided Meditation For Anxiety The Divine Connection

Continuing The Guided Meditation For Anxiety

Meditation Step 2: Pray To Your Angel

Good, now that you believe and now you understand this can be healed imagine this angel is sitting right about your heart chakra, this angel is inside the centre of you connected with you nested in your energy, merging with you for the duration of this guided meditation for axiety. This angel connects with you and now ask this angel from your heart make a prayer to this angel “dear angel guide, please lift my suffering, please lift my anxiety, please help me to feel a sense of calm” really ask this, absolutely ask it and know that this angel will grant you your wish.

Meditation Step 3: Breath Deeply

Good now you need to understand this: The angel can help you with any physical or mental problem the angel can help you with anything at all, all you need to do is believe that the angel is with you and believe the angel can do this. Ok so now I want you to relax, begin the meditation by taking 5 very deep, very big breaths, breathe all the way down into the centre of your chakras, breathe all the way down into the centre of your abdomen. Imagine your abdomen is filling with pure white light, feel as this light connects with you and that the light comes down from the divine and fills you, it feels your entire energy field. Take five nice long breaths and feel the energy of love, the energy of strength, the energy of peace filling you from head to toe.

Self-Compassion Guided Meditation

Meditation Step 4: Merging With Your Angel’s Light

Good now ask “I want to be healed” say it, say it after me “I want to be healed” say it again “I want to be healed” say it a third time “I want to be healed” good now imagine your angel makes their presence known to you. Your angel lights up with strength, your angel lights up with love and power and divine strength, your angel is surrounded by a glowing orb of light. Feel this most powerful protective angel, imagine this angel extends this light all around you and you become part of this light, you become one with this light. Feel as you and the angel connect deeply and now visualise this – all of your anxiety gets drawn up through a tube, there is a tube that goes from the centre of the angels heart to the centre of your mind and it goes deep inside your mind. Imagine all the places where there is anxiety, all the places where there is fear, you allow the angel to remove these. See as all of your anxiety travels up this tube of light and the angel dissolves it, the angel it dissolves and it’s gone. Good good good good now there is one more step we must do.

Meditation Step 5: Accepting Divine Intervention

Now say this “I accept any divine intervention” say it one more time “I accept any divine intervention” good now the angel has your permission to help you with whatever you need help with, so for now you have been given a blessing, for now you have been given a healing. This is a true healing, the next and final step is this – I want you to ask this angel for something you’ve been wishing for, ask this angel to grant you something you need, something you want, something that would make you happy, something that will make you feel good. Imagine this angel listens to your prayer and says “if you follow me I will grant your wish”.

Good good good, so now do you feel light? Do you feel peace, do you feel relaxation? Did you enjoy this guided meditation for anxiety? These are the meditations we can do, we can heal your physical body, we can heal your energetic body, we can heal the emotional trauma, we can heal the wounds that you have suffered in childhood. All of this can be healed, so if you want real deep, true healing then I recommend you book in a session with Stephan. Stephan is a divine healer who manifests the healing of the angels through his energy body and into you. So if you want to know what can be healed and how much happier and more joyous and more amazing your life can be, then I recommend booking a session.

For now I am complete, this is been a message from me the one I call myself God, the one you could call the divine. I’ll be here for you whenever you need me, so don’t hesitate to ask, call upon me pray to me, ask me “God help me, God bless me”. Goodbye.

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