A Deep Guided Meditation For Healing

This message was channelled from Archangel Michael on 21/11/2021.


Greetings greetings greetings. Today look forward to a change in your energy levels, we will do a guided meditation for healing. So what I say this, everything is perfect, if you don’t feel this way it is because your energy is out of alignment.

When you understand what is going on, when you understand why things are the way they are you don’t look at people the same, instead you look people as joyful, compassionate, powerful entities. You don’t think people are just there to use you or to be used, so that is what to say to begin with. Why do I say this? Because it’s important to understand how we angels view you, how we view you and your brothers and sisters.

Meditation Step 1: Open Your Heart

Ok let us begin, we’re going to do a guided meditation for healing, so let your heart open, just visualise your heart is like a beautiful golden flower, see this flower expands grows bigger, grows more powerful. Breath 5 times into your heart and imagine your heart is growing bigger and bigger and bigger every time you breathe in, allow the heart to expand every time you breathe and imagine the heart is relaxing, expanding and getting bigger and bigger.

Meditation Step 2: Protection

Ok now the first thing to do is this – I want you to visualise you are surrounded by an angel of protection, any particular angel is fine. You should think that the angel whom you feel most connected to is with you, whether that be me, Archangel Michael, whether that be Archangel Uriel or Archangel Sandalphon or any of the other angels. Any angel will do so just take a few moments to really feel and know that there is an angel with you.

Now just visualise your beautiful angel steps out, makes their presence known to you and reaches out to you. Imagine this beautiful angel grabs you by the arm and says ‘I love you’. Now imagine your beautiful angel holds you and as they hold you they begin to expand their light around you, their light grows bigger and bigger and bigger and then they’re light grows all the way around you, it reaches all around you in all directions, their light is around you completely and imagine they say I am now protecting you.

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Continuing The Guided Meditation For Healing

Good now we can begin the guided meditation for healing, so what I want you to do is this, first of all open your heart a little bit further. Open your heart a little bit deeper, allow your heart to open even more, you can do it. Relax ok now begin to breathe down into your belly, breathe 5 times into the bottom of your belly and imagine as you breathe in all of the energy that you are breathing it is filling your chakras I want you to imagine as you breath, each of your seven chakras are being filled with light.

Meditation: Base Chakra

Now visualise the first chakra which sits at the base of your spine is being filled with red light. Feel that chakra is getting bigger and bigger and feel as it begins to circulate anticlockwise, feel it circulates anticlockwise 9 times. Do this as you breathe into this chakra I’ll give you a few minutes.

Meditation: Sacral Chakra

Good now breath in to the second chakra which is in your abdomen and is orange. Imagine this orange chakra starts to grow bigger and bigger and feel it circulates clockwise 7 times.

Meditation: Solar Plexus Chakra

Good now breath into the solar plexus chakra which is between your ribs and above your belly button, see that chakra is yellow and see as you breathe into this chakra it expands and it begins to circulate anticlockwise 9 times.

Guided Meditation For Healing - The Divine Connection

Meditation: Heart Chakra

Good now breath in to your beautiful heart chakra, which is a beautiful pale green colour, see this beautiful heart chakra begins to open as you breathe into the heart chakra, imagine it’s circulates clockwise 12 times. See it circulating everytime you breathe in and as you breathe out imagine it keep circulating do this until you feel completely at peace.

Meditation: Throat Chakra

Good now imagine you’re breathing to your beautiful throat chakra which is in your throat and is a beautiful deep blue. See this beautiful blue throat chakra begins to expand and as you breathe in its circulates clockwise 5 times.

Meditation: Third Eye Chakra

Ok now breathing to your beautiful third eye chakra which is deep purple see this beautiful third eye chakra begins to expand and circulate anticlockwise 8 times.

Meditation: Crown Chakra

Ok very good now lastly breathing to your beautiful crown chakra which is white at the top of your head see you as you breathe into this chakra it’s circulates 7 times clockwise.

Ok very good now we have  cleared and opened all of your chakras. Do you feel refreshed? Good. Do you feel happy? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, I say this all is well. I am Archangel Michael and I will be with you every time you need me so relax, keep doing this meditation if you need to you can come back and do it again goodbye for now.

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