A Loving Guided Spiritual Meditation

This is a written spiritual mediation channelled from  Jesus. If you would prefer to listen to a guided meditation, there are several available on my Youtube channel.


Hello, I am here today to deliver to you a beautiful spiritual meditation. I am Jesus, the one who was known on your planet as the bringer of the Light, the bringer of the blessings and I’m here today to give you a beautiful meditation that will help you in many different regards. Ok, the very first step I want you to do is imagine you are surrounded right now by a legion of 100,000 angels. Very deeply breath into your abdomen, take a few deep breaths to go right into your very abdomen and breathe deeply as you can, I want you to breathe into the abdomen 10 times.

Connecting With The Light Of The Divine

Ok very good now want you to visualise once more that there are 100,000 angels of protection surrounding you, completely feel the presence of the angels as they completely surround you. Ok, the next step is this: I want you to imagine a beautiful ball of orange light is coming from the divine, I want you to imagine a ball of orange light comes all the way from heaven. This ball of orange light will reach you. Feel as it gets closer and closer, feel like a ball of pure orange light comes very close to you. Ok, now I want you to imagine this ball of light connects with your heart, imagine this ball of light goes deep into your heart, now say this “I accept this blessing”.

Spiritual Strength - The Divine Connection

 Spiritual Meditation Continued

Now continuing the spiritual meditation: now as you accept this light it will merge with you, it will connect with you, it will completely bless you. I want you to breathe very deeply once more right down to the depths of your feet, I want you to breathe all the way down into your feet. Imagine as you breathe the air, the love is filling you. Ok, now I want you to do this say “I am the divine” feel this truth as you said, “I am the divine, I am the divine, I am the divine”.

Connecting With The Light Of Christ

Ok very good there is one final process, one final process in this spiritual mediation that we must do right now. I want you to visualise there is a beautiful stream of light, this stream comes from the heart of Christ, from the heart of me Jesus the Christ. Imagine I’m above the top of your head and I want you to feel I’m pouring light through you, just breath as you will receive in this beautiful love and healing. Ok, now I want you to visualise this beautiful light that goes right through the very depths of your being, imagine you’re being completely blessed, and imagine as this light runs through every single particle of your being. Now visualise I’m removing from you all of your pain and all of your sufferings, visualise I’m wiping your slate clean so just speak. Imagine I’m erasing and healing and removing and completely dissolving all the pain and all the suffering.

Ok, I love you I am Jesus. Let your heart open to me, let your heart open to me. I have nothing more to say except this love will be your most important possession. I hope you enjoyed this spiritual mediation. So I say this: you should all from this point on, from this point forward do a meditation on love, do a meditation every single day once per day on giving love to others. If you do this your happiness will appear and your life will become joyful. This is not a lie my dear ones, this is not a lie. When you open your heart to others, when you truly open your heart and you allow love to flow through you, that is when the magic happens. So I say this: Once per day meditate on sending love to every single person, once per day. I am Jesus and I love you goodbye for now.

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