A Loving 5 Minute Guided Meditation

This is a message channelled from Jesus on 08/11/2021.

Meditation Beggining

Hello everybody today is the day when we are going do a very beautiful 5 minute guided meditation. Ok very first step is this settle yourself and a comfortable position, make sure you are sitting upright, make sure your back is not slouching, your back is up right not overly stiff but just comfortably standing up straight. That is the first step now I want you to breathe in to the bottom of your abdomen breathe right down to the bottom of the abdomen, do this five times.

Meditation: Visualisation

Ok now want you to visualise this – imagine you’re in a beautiful place, you’re in a beautiful sunny meadow a beautiful sunny meadow, the flowers are blooming, the flowers are blooming and there is beautiful heavenly glow around everything. Take a few moments to really feel and put yourself in this beautiful heavenly meadow. Ok now imagine this, in the meadow there is a very important path, this path leads to the highest place, I want you to see this path as glowing brightly, shining and surrounded by divine beings. Take a few minutes to really see this path and don’t worry about where the path goes.

Meditation: Your Guardian Angel

Ok now I want you to visualise this – your guardian angel is right by your side, your guardian angel says ‘hello my dear I’m here to guide you today’ feel the presence of your guardian angel right beside you. It doesn’t matter if they’re on your left or right whichever you wish for, whichever you see is fine, feel the presence of your guardian angel as they slowly they grab you by the arm and they say let’s go let’s go let’s go.

Short Guided Meditation - The Divine Connection

Continuing The 5 Minute Guided Meditation

Now begin to walk on this beautiful divine 5 minute guided meditation, take a walk up this beautiful path and let your guardian angel lead you, your guardian angel leads you and you go deeper and deeper and deeper onward onward onward. I want you to imagine this path goes upwards, it goes up and up and up and as you follow the path you go up higher and higher. Now imagine the path leads you to a beautiful Oaktree, there is a beautiful oak tree in this oak tree there is a doorway, open the doorway and imagine as you enter this doorway you are entering a sacred space.

Meditation: Shaman Guide

Good, now going into the centre of this oak tree and what do you see inside? Take a moment to look around, whatever you see is what’s meant to be, so don’t tell yourself that’s silly, just see whatever is there. Good now want you to imagine in the centre of this place, in a centre of this sacred ceremonial tribal place there is a warrior shaman. I want you to see a warrior shaman is standing across from you and this warrior shaman says to you ‘welcome we have been waiting for your arrival, I greet you with love, I greet you with happiness and most importantly I greet you with serenity’. Now allow this warrior, this warrior shaman to take you on a journey. Imagine this warrior shaman leads you out of the oak tree and you’re going up even higher now and you are lead up, up, up, up, up.

Meditation: Highest Dimension

Good now you arrive at the highest place that a human being can access, this is the 21st dimension. Imagine you’re here it’s 21st dimension and now just visualise you are being guided by a new person, a new being of the light, this is your higher self. Your higher self greets you and says to you ‘I’ve been waiting for you’ now just visualise your higher self takes you and puts you in a beautiful bath. They put you in a beautiful bath and as you bath imagine all your worries, all your fears, all your anxiety is being released. Imagine this water is sacred, this water is potent, this water is pure, this water cleansers you of everything that is harassing you, everything that’s been causing you suffering, allow your higher self to wash you of all that is not joy.

Higher Self Blessing

Finally imagine your higher self says “I have been waiting to talk to you, I now have a gift for you” now just imagine you open your heart and your higher self puts something in the centre of you your chest, your higher self puts a sacred blessing inside the centre of you, whatever you see is what’s meant to be. Good that is the 5 minute guided meditation, finally imagine your guardian angel comes back and leads you back down the path and you return to your physical body. Good, this has been a beautiful guided meditation and I’m Jesus.

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