A Beautiful and Relaxing Guided Sleep Meditation

This is a meditation channelled from Jesus on 30/09/2021.

Meditation Step 1: Breathing

Hello hello hello this is Jesus. Today I’m here to guide you on a very divine, protective, beautiful guided sleep meditation. Ok the very first step is this, I want you to breathe all the way through your entire being, imagine the breath, as you take the breath in it fills your entire being. It fills not only your heart, but your lungs and your liver and your organs and every single part of your body is being filled with the life force and the strength that the air brings. Do this for approximately 3 minutes.

Meditation Step 2: Connecting With God’s Light

Ok very good. The next step I want you imagine in front of you is the most powerful being in existence, this is God. God looks like a wonderful shimmering, glowing vibration. Imagine God is in front of you and feel God’s presence is truly before you. Allow your heart to open as as widely as you can, feel your heart truly opens.

Good now I want you to visualise this: God comes in to your being, God connects with you and God’s light comes through you. See God’s light like a waterfall above you, and feel as it truly connects with you in every way. Just feel God’s light is entering you. Very good now imagine God’s light goes to all the parts of your mind and your aura and your energy that are having problems with sleep. I want you to feel God’s light and God’s blessings fill your entire being. So take approximately 3 minutes now and as you do this I want you to feel God is truly dissolving all those parts of you that are resisting sleep, parts of you that think I don’t want to sleep, I’m not ready to sleep. Just feel God is going into all those parts of your mind and he is bringing peace.

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Continuing the Guided Sleep Meditation

Meditation Step 3: Deeply Open Your Heart

Now there is one more step to this guided sleep meditation, I want you to imagine this – your heart grows bigger. Imagine your heart, the heart centre, your heart chakra which is in the centre of your chest, feel this heart chakra expands, your heart chakra grows bigger and bigger. Now I want you to imagine your heart grows as big as your entire city, now imagine your heart is as big as the entire continent you’re on, now as big as the entire universe. Imagine your heart grow as big as the universe and now I want you to take five nice deep breaths, breathe in breathe out.

Meditation Step 4: Connecting With The Light Of Jesus And God

Ok so there is one more part to this process, the final part is guiding you on a relaxation meditation. So what we need to do is really get into a sense of peace and deep, deep, deep mind. So the first step is this – feel your heart is expanding once more and feel as your heart expands. Now visualise Jesus and God together are above you, feel their presence and then feel their light enter. Feel we are standing above your heart chakra, we are standing above your heart chakra and feel our light infuses your entire body, now we want you to feel a deep sense of peace and the energy of peace comes into you, feel this peace goes through your entire being and feel this peace fills up your entire body, you can do it, just do it just do it.

Now finally imagine this – peace reaches the deepest part of your consciousness, feel is this peace from God touches every part of your being. Take 5 minutes to really feel this and when we finished we will lay down to sleep.

Ok you’ve done well, now do you feel heavy? Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel light? Do you feel happy? These are all the things that you will get from this guided sleep meditation, so relax now, curl up and go to bed and with your final breath, with your final thought think ‘may my heart open’.


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