A Beautiful Guided Meditation

This is a message channelled from Jesus on 24/08/2021.

Hello hello hello. I love you this is the one I call myself an Ananda, Sananda some have called me Sonanda some of calling me Ananda, there are two variations of my name but you know me like Jesus, Jesus the Christ. So today I have for you are a very special gift I’m going to lead you on a guided meditation, this meditation will be to bless your heart, to open your energy, and to align your chakras. So the very first step is this – take a nice drink of water and get a glass of water ready, when you’re ready sitting down ready to begin, I want you to imagine a ball of beautiful white light. See this ball of white light comes from the heart of God and it blesses you, feel is this ball of white light around your energy cleansing you.

Ok very good, the second step is this, I want you to visualise that your energy is being cleared. What you need to do is think that a divine waterfall of light is coming from God, a divine waterfall the light is coming from the Angelic Kingdom. Feel this waterfall’s light slowly seeps through your very essence, feel as it washes you clean from head to foot. Take 5 long breaths, one, two, three, four, five.

Guided Meditation The Divine Connection

Continuing the Guided Meditation

Ok very good now we will begin the actual guided meditation. I want you to surround yourself with a protective energy shield. So how do you do this? You call upon Archangel Michael, “the Archangel Michael please surround me now” feel as Archangel Michael surrounds you with a ball of golden light. Feel as this golden light surrounds your energy completely, now you are safe, we can begin the energy, we can begin the meditation. I want you to imagine your heart is opening, feel as your heart opens like a sunflower, feel the petals of this now opening 1 by 1 by 1, visualise all the petals of the flower open until your heart is 100% completely open. Good, now I want you to go even deeper. In the centre of your heart there is a ball, imagine in the centre of your heart there is a ball, feel as this ball expands, it grows bigger and bigger and bigger, this ball is orange. Feel as this ball of light surrounds you. Good, now allow this ball of light to grow even bigger, imagine it’s around your entire building. Let it grow even bigger, let it grow as big as the universe. Imagine the ball in the centre of your heart is expanding as big as the entire multiverse, now there are even bigger dimensions than this, so I want you to now imagine the ball in the centre of your heart grows as big as Infinity. It is infinite, it is limitless, it is expansive. Take one nice breath, take one nice breath, take three nice breaths and relax.

Ok, now the final portion of the guided meditation is this: I want you to visualise there is a thread, there is a thread of light that comes from the heart of God. A thread of light comes down, this thread is purple, imagine this purple thread of light comes into the top of your head. It’s around you, it encompasses you, it completely transforms you. Feel this thread of light merges with the very essence of your crown chakra, now the thread of light goes into your third eye, then let it go to your heart, now let it go to your base chakra. Now realise this thread of light encompasses all of your chakras, every single one of them is spinning and glowing and now imagine this thread of light is going to cleanse your chakras. Completely let go and relax. I want you to visualise this: In your base chakra there is a bit of negative energy, feel as this soot, this soot, and dust is vacuumed from your chakra. Now imagine from your third eye there is a little bit of dust and stagnation, this dust is cleansed and vacuumed up. Now in your heart, there is a little bit of a blockage, feel this blockage is dissolved, that’s it, let it go, now imagine every single chakra is being cleansed and all the negative energy is being vacuumed up into space, into God’s Kingdom. You are now clear, this has been my meditation. I love you.

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