Money & Spirituality: Do They Go Together?

This message on Money and Spirituality was channelled from God.

Money And Spirituality Explained

So lets talk about money and spirituality. If you are one who thinks, if I achieve spiritual enlightenment then I will give away all my possessions and just walk around begging for food, well there are some that actually do this. However, there are also spiritually enlightened beings who live an ordinary life, they still drive cars, they still go to work and they still have to pay bills. Some of these beings who practice spirituality are actually trying to fit in with society as much as possible because they are trying to become able to connect with and help others around them, so looking like an ordinary person is something that they would wish to do and they may even in some cases be in very great houses with lots of fancy things.

Do Enlightened Beings Want Money?

There are some who have achieved spiritual enlightenment who think that the only way to help others is to give people what they want, which can be looking like an entrepreneur and doing all the things they would do such as going to fancy parties dressing up in fine suits and all kinds of other things that the rich and famous do. This is not to say that those who are enlightened enjoy the finest things in life for they would be just as happy with a few clothes and no house or apartment for these enlightened beings do not need anything to be at peace and to enjoy themselves. But there are some who live very high lives of splendour.

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More about Money and Spirituality

Are Renunciants Higher?

Now when talking about money and spirituality, the one thing we must also discuss is what it means to be a renunciant. Some people renounce all material things in order to go deep into themselves and find the awakened state. This path is no greater or less than those who would work nine to five jobs and walk around with expensive suits, there are those who do not give away all their possessions and there are those who refuse to even own a tablecloth. Some are very happy with nothing and some like to be just like ordinary people. So whichever way you want to be is ok, the main point I am trying to make is it is no higher to have nothing and to never even touch a dollar bill than it is to live a life of luxury and splendour, in terms of spirituality either is fine.

Its All About The Inner World

The main difference is in how you go about your inner world, if the inner world is in harmony then the outer world will become everything you wished for and if the inner world is in disharmony then the outer world will also take on qualities of disharmony.

So to surmise this article on money and spirituality there is actually nothing wrong with wanting and trying to achieve happiness as part of healthy material life, a life with an abundance of possessions and a good car to drive, etc, if you truly are committed to being a spiritual person then there is no great difference whether you drive a luxury car or whether you drive an old beat-up bomb, it is no different but all things can be blessed if you are truly in service.

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You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover

So that was my message, do not think that just because someone has a nice car and expensive clothes this person is mean and selfish for they may have achieved these things by doing very good deeds and helping others many times, or it is possible that someone like this could be very rude, selfish and judgemental, the difference is in how they relate to others, so if a person relates well to others and thinks that giving is a wonderful thing then that person may well be able to achieve a lot of happiness and success in the material world and may be able to be very successful in their material life.

But it is also possible that this person is on a spiritual path and will use this money to help others in need. So that was the main point, don’t be quick to judge, make sure you understand the person you are dealing with and whether they treat others like they like to be treated. For there are quite a few people, in terms of spirituality, who have achieved a lot in their spiritual path but also have a lot of material success and happiness.

Its All About Your Heart

Ok so that was my message, aim high dear ones, whether you want to be rich like people on tv or whether you want to go and live somewhere in the desert with no possessions either is fine, all that really matters is how much you aim to help others, for that is the real issue in your spirituality. So by all means try to become as wealthy as you wish but just make sure you keep saying “I am doing this so I can bless others”. All is well and happiness will be achieved for all of you reading this message. I am God and I leave you now, goodbye.

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