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This message was channelled from an angel.

So, lets talk about psychics, channels, and those that are clairvoyant.

Channelling Explained

Channelling is the art of allowing a being from another reality to come into your physical vehicle and use it for some great purpose. Channelling has been around for millennia and in the past people who channelled were revered as great “spirit talkers” they could connect with very high frequencies and these people were truly honoured for they could also connect with many ascended masters and ancestors.

Learn To Channel - The Divine Connection

Channelling has been around for a very long time but we would like to discuss what channelling is and how one can go about learning this great art.

Channelling is not the same as being psychic for psychics rely on an inner voice or an inner knowing to get an answer for clients.

Psychics Explained

When a psychic does a reading they are asking their own mind for an answer, and some of these answers can be a little bit off the mark, there are not many who we in the angelic realm would say are reliable for they often trick the client into thinking they know more than they actually do.

So if you are looking for a psychic reading then yes you can also consider a channelled reading.

Channelling is a lot more reliable, for the channel, the person who is giving the reading is able to answer any number of questions and he or she does not need to have any special abilities other than knowing how to connect with an angelic or higher guide.

If you are keen on this ability, the ability to learn to channel or to actually practice your skills channelling we should say that it is very wise to learn to channel with a very trustworthy learn to channel course.

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More about The Clairvoyant, Psychics and Channels

The Importance Of Protection

There are many available but we would say make sure they include guidance on how to defend against psychic attacks for there are some beings out there who would like to connect with you and tell you they have the answers to your questions, when in fact they are trying to harm you either by telling you misleading information or by entering your energy field and placing some trickster energies into your field which will help them to connect again with you which is not a good thing in any way. So by all means practice your channelling abilities but always provide a circle of protection or a psychic shield before you begin and always make sure you ask clearly for the guide who is of the light and nothing else.

The Difference Between Channelling And Mediumship

If you want to know a little about how channeling differs from other arts such as mediumship, channelling is not the same as mediumship but can also be both things. A channel can also be a medium but not all mediums are channels. Some people are able to connect with those who have passed over because they are very in tune with another dimension. We would suggest if you wish to do mediumship we would always provide protection around you from the beginning.

Mediumship can take a toll on those who do not protect their energy effectively so always use a protection ritual before beginning any mediumship session. In terms of what mediumship is, mediumship is the art of connecting with deceased loved ones who have gone to the kingdom of the divine.

Angels - The Divine Connection

Who Goes To Heaven?

All beings including animals and plants will go to heaven when they finish this life on earth, and the heavenly realms are filled with light and magic. Heaven is a place for all who would continue to go forward and for those who seek goodness. Some beings do not go to heaven for they do not wish to find light, and would rather wallow in the darkness. But for all who are willing to be good and kind and who will offer service in following lives heaven is a place they can get to very easily.

So the last and final thing we wish to discuss is what is the difference between psychics, channels and those that are clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance Explained

Clairvoyance is an inner knowing about things, this is not exactly the same as being a psychic for psychics often have tools they use in order to connect, some use a particular bracelet or a necklace and others have the power inside them that they have been granted by special beings, but all psychics are not totally reliable. The difference between the vision a psychic has and  a clairvoyant’s is that the clairvoyant is 100% sure about what they are receiving as clairvoyants do receive information from the ether or the awakened state. There is a state of being that is particular to clairvoyants that enables them to be totally sure that what they are seeing is truth and complete truth.

So if you are interested in any of these modes and would like to know more we recommend a session with Stephan, he can accurately and honestly answer the questions you have and will be able to put you in touch with a spiritual guide who is totally committed to blessing you and looking after you. All that you need to do is hit the book now button to see what love has to say to you!

Goodbye from a high angelic guide.

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