Contacting Your Spirit Guide – A Meditation

This meditation on contacting your spirit guide was channelled from God on 28/09/2022.

Let’s talk about contacting your spirit guide. Basically, spirit guides are the most loving energies or entities who wish for you to be happy, in pleasure, successful and enjoying yourself. Your spirit guide completely, totally loves you.

What Is A Spirit Guide?

So, what are spirit guides? Spirit guides are those who watch over human beings and spirit guides are not just one thing, they are multiple things. For example there’s the angelic kingdom who has many, many spirit guides, there’s the ascended masters, those were once on planet Earth who now wish to help others. There are also other types of spirit guides such as celestial beings or certain kinds of totally awakened minds, there are many different types of spirit guides.

In order to understand what a spirit guide is, one must understand this – love. This is because a spirit guide is love, pure, complete, total love. Your spirit guide has a message for you, a very powerful message for you.

So, in order to listen to your spirit guide, you need to do one thing: Do a special meditation which is designed specifically to help you listen, open, receive and be blessed. So the question is this – how do you do this?

Contacting Your Spirit Guide - The Divine Connection

Today we are going to do a beautiful meditation which is designed to help you hear your spirit guide, feel the love of your spirit guide and understand who your spirit guide is. That’s the basic meditation, but I would like to say this – there is one thing that one must really do if one wants to really understand a spirit guide – one must also love themselves.

The Importance Of Love

In order to love yourself you must do a meditation on love and you must do it daily. A daily love meditation will help you tremendously, you can find such a meditation on this website and there are many more besides. Now if you have love in your heart, if you feel relaxed and happy then you are open and ready to receive.

Contacting Your Spirit Guide Meditation 

Let’s begin our meditation. It’s a simple process, it’s not difficult, but one needs to really believe and really feel the power of this meditation. If you feel the power of this meditation, you will definitely get a message from your spirit guide, you will absolutely be contacting your spirit guide.

Step 1 – Protection

So, in order to begin this meditation, I want you to feel this: Beautiful Archangel Michael is now protecting you and I want you to feel Archangel Michael is standing guard. Feel that he’s around you, above, in front, behind, to the left, to the right, in every possible direction and invoke Archangel Michael’s protection: Say this from the heart “Archangel Michael please protect me in all directions, please keep me completely safe so nothing can interfere with this meditation.”

Good that’s the first and the second step is this – I want you to just truly, completely understand you are already completely open and ready, it’s true. The only reason you don’t hear your spirit guide is because you haven’t become accustomed to it, or you haven’t done any training or practice. This will be a small little bit of training in contacting your spirit guide.

Contacting Your Spirit Guide - The Divine Connection

Step 2- Breath

We begin like this: Breathe to the bottom of your heart chakra, breath all the way down to your root chakra, breath all the way through your body and feel as the breath fills your body from head to toe. Breathe in, breathe out, do this 5 times.

Step 3 – Invoking Our Spirit Guide

Now we do this – we ask us our spirit guide to appear and we say this: “I now invite my highest, most loving, most powerful divine spirit guide to come and be with me now.”

Step 4 – Heart Opening

Now what we need to do is this: You need to feel your heart completely open and just feel like your heart is a beautiful golden sun and the sun begins to expand and increase. Feel the sun increases until it’s shining and every possible direction. Now let the sun grow as big as your entire body, now you’re ready.

Step 5 – Spirit Guide Image

Ok so here’s how we hear our spirit guide – we open our hearts and then we imagine a blank canvas in front of us and we asked our guide to draw picture on this canvas. Don’t force it, don’t rush it, just wait, something will appear in front of you.

Now an image appears in front of you, do you understand what it means? Just wait, wait, for 5 seconds and then listen.

Step 6 – Spirit Guide Message

Now you’ll hear a soft voice begin to speak through your heart and it may say something like “you are my love, I love you dearly, I’ll protect you for the rest of your life” or it may say “you’re on the right path, keep going the way you’re going” or it may even say “something negative will befall you, but I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt you.”

Now you’ve heard your spirit guide. Understand this message, relax and if you want to hear more it will come.

Now you have completed the meditation on hearing your spirit guide, seeing your spirit guide and practising love. If you can continue to increase your love and open your heart, this will get much clearer.

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