What Is The Heart Chakra?

This message on the heart chakra was channelled from God on 03/10/2022.

Hello everybody this is God. Today we’re going to explain what is the heart chakra.

What Is The Heart?

In essence the heart is the compassion of the divine. You’re heart is the same as God’s, the only difference is you may not have truthfully, completely opened it and I say open heart in a sense of expanding your sense of love for yourself and others.

What Is Love?

So let’s talk about what love is. Love is not just giving to others, love is truth. Love is the essence of the divine. You yourself are perfect in every possible way, sometimes you don’t realise it, but you are. When you help another to realise they’re also perfect, that’s love. Love is giving to others what they need and everyone needs truth. Sincere, deep, powerful truth.

If you want to be a loving person there are many different meditations you can do, but in essence you should focus on others. Sometimes focusing on yourself is fine, but mostly you should focus on others. The point is this – sometimes we cling to our self-concept and we reject the concept of others too much, that is why we need to think about others.

What Is The Heart Chakra - The Divine Connection

Simple Love Meditation

So how to give love? Let’s do a simple meditation, first of all I want you to feel protected, so we imagine a beautiful being called Archangel Michael is surrounding you. He’s above you, he’s infront, he’s behind, he’s below, to the left and the right. Archangel Michael is completely surrounding you.

From this place I want you to imagine someone you care about and think of them in front of you and then I want you imagine you send a ray of beautiful sunlight into their heart. As you do so, it makes them feel good, that’s what everyone wants, to feel good.

As you send them this ray of light, imagine their happiness appearing. Their happiness increasing and you give them more and more happiness, you can do this for 5 or 10 minutes.

And now I want you to think of two other people, someone you care about a bit less and someone you dislike. Try and send love to all three of them.

Good. Now you have sent love to every conceivable type of person and if you offer love to everyone, your own love will appear and increase.

So what is the heart chakra? It’s basically the compassionate centre of your mind. Your mind is in fact like a powerful manifester and you can manifest for yourself and others. The heart directs you as to what to manifest.

Follow Your Heart

Your heart will give you direction. Sometimes you want to help someone, sometimes you see someone suffering and you don’t want to help them, in that case there is no need or there’s no requirement. You should really only help when you feel drawn to.

So basically, opening the heart is expanding your sense of compassion and your sense of wish for people to be happy. The more you do this, the more your own happiness will increase tremendously.

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