Real Angel Healing

This article was channelled from Archangel Raphael on 20/09/2022.

What Is Angel Healing?

Angel healing is the gift of transformation, the gift of blessings, the gift of wonder.

I am Archangel Raphael and I’m the most powerful healing angel of all time. No one can heal things quite as profoundly as I can.

Angel Healing Is Magic

Basically, to understand healing means this – magic. Because healing is in fact magic. Angel healings are especially beautiful and powerful. How do you get an angel healing? It’s simple, there two ways – you can either ask me from the heart “dear Archangel Raphael, please heal this, please take this away, please bless me” and that will happen. However, sometimes you need someone to help you with it, I won’t explain why, but I’ll say this – if you’re having a lot of problems and you need a healing, I can absolutely heal you and I’ll do so with Stephan, the channel of this message.

Magic, Joy And Blessings

In order to understand angel healing, you must understand 3 things – magic joy and blessings. This is because angel healings are these three things. Magic is the energy of power or the energy of divine consciousness, which can actually transform things and rearrange energy and physical bodies. That’s what I can do for you. Joy is what happens when you receive a healing from an angel, because it makes your life tremendously happy. You can be so happy and all you need to do is consider taking a reading or a booking from Stephan, because he can bring me through and together we can heal you. Finally, blessings, blessings are what happens when angels decide to change an outcome, when we change an outcome, blessings always involved without exception.

What is Magic? - The Divine Connection

We Are All Energy

Do you understand real power is what makes us compatible, we you and I, are compatible and we can connect because you have an energy body and I’m an energetic being. Because I’m an energetic being, I can influence your energy. Now I know you think my body is physical, it’s not energy, actually the energy body is the most important body, it’s more important in the physical body.

So, energy bodies control all the functions of the body. In every single heart condition or lung cancer or kidney failure, in every single one of these conditions the energy is what’s causing it. It’s not actually the physical body, the physical body can be injured yes and that will do harm, but if physical body is intact and there’s some kind of health problem, it’s coming from the energy body.

The wonderful thing about this is the energy body can be transformed effortlessly, easily. When you get an angel healing from me, I’ll transform your energy body and you feel amazing. You will feel good, the best you’ve ever felt.

That’s how I heal your body. Healing works and that’s how I can do it. Raphael can bless you. If you want to reading or if you want to healing session, just hit the book now button.

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