The Spiritual Awakening Process Explained

This message on the spiritual awakening process was channelled from God.

The Importance Of Love

Hello dear ones, this is God. I’m here today to talk about the spiritual awakening process. First of all let me tell you this: Opening the heart is the most important quality, the most important aspect of the spiritual awakening process. There are many different aspects to spiritual awakening, but the most important of all of the aspects are developing love.

First of all, I would like you to know this: When you enter the spiritual path things may happen to you, this is the truth when you enter the spiritual path, when you truly commit, when you commit to a spiritual path that is a higher purpose when you commit to that, sometimes little things will happen. Sometimes little things, sometimes even major things will happen and these things may try to cause you problems. It is the truth that for those who truly embark on a spiritual path, a spiritual awakening process sometimes counter very difficult obstacles.

There Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Ok, I don’t want you to dwell upon this, but I wanted you to know that there can sometimes be difficult situations that arise. Why? Because where there is light there is dark. That is the truth dear ones the more light you encounter, the light you develop, the more light you become, the more the darkness will try to interfere with your process. I’m not trying to make you afraid, for there is nothing to be afraid, of for nothing and truly harm you, nothing can truly swerve you away from the truth. There is nothing to be afraid of but I just wanted you to be aware that sometimes those who embark upon a true spiritual process, a true deep-learning process become something much more strong and powerful and wonderful than they were before, they have many difficult situations they must go through.

Archangel The Divine Connection

More About The Spiritual Awakening Process

Indeed some of the most enlightened beings of the past, the angels who walked upon the Earth, the enlightened masters, the very powerful divine beings who came to Earth in order to bless the human race, sometimes had to go through extremely, extremely tortuous, arduous situations. Now I don’t want you to dwell upon this for it is a very minor problem, it is a very minor problem there is no use focusing upon what is wrong because when you embark upon the spiritual awakening process your life will become an absolute blessing.

Your Life Will Become A Blessing

But for those who truly embark upon the spiritual awakening process life will become a joyful, pleasurable, happy experience, life will become something that the angels would wish for. Life will become something that the angelic beings would wish for, indeed your life can become so happy and so joyful and so amazing that you would wish everything, everything upon everyone else, you would wish the best upon everyone. You can become so happy and so enlightened and so filled with joy and wonder that you do nothing that does not help others. Indeed my dear ones for there is a truth -those who embark upon the spiritual path are the deepest learners.

Now I would like to discuss what happens when you embark on the spiritual awakening process. First of all, you must go through a process of awakening, what this means is that you slowly learn to let go of selfish thoughts, spiritual awakening means letting go of selfish “me” “I am the only one”, “mine is the only one that matters” kind of thinking. For those who truly, deeply awaken, for those who truly awaken to the truth, to the God-given divine, to those who awaken they will become something much more beautiful, something much more strong and something much more wonderful than most normal people could even imagine.

Spiritual Awakening Process - The Divine Connection

Giving Is The First Step On The Path

Some of these beings have walked upon the earth in the past went through a very deep learning process, a very deep growth process, they have become something absolutely majestic. So for all of you who are interested in learning, for all of you who are interested in embarking on a spiritual awakening process, I would like to say first of all think about giving to others. This is the very first step in the spiritual awakening process, first of all, you learn to give to others, you learn to bless others, you learn to help others. First of all your focus on giving service, giving service, and opening your heart, are the two most important qualities in the beginning. Slowly as you awaken as you go deeper and deeper and deeper you will learn to give to others in a way that is completely effortless, you will slowly effortlessly just learn to give to others. It will be completely natural, every single aspect of your life will be a blessing, a blessing upon the human race. Every single one of you who wishes to awaken must, first of all, awaken to your true potential, what this means you must awaken to the power that lies within you the God-given divine blessing.

Shedding Ego

Ok very good I have given you a little taste of what the spiritual awakening process is like, but I have not actually discussed the full truth of the process, I’ve just given you a little taste of the beginning.  I would like to say to you, I would like you to know this: Focusing upon helping others is the most important quality you can possess, first of all, you learn to give. When you’ve learned to give then you can learn to shed layers of ego, you learn to give then you learn to let go of your own ego, and eventually you completely totally eradicate the human ego. You become something that is completely open and spacious and majestic, you become as powerful as the sun, you become able to manifest anything with a thought.

The Ultimate Goal

You can manifest anything completely effortlessly, this is the truth of the highest outcome of the spiritual awakening process. However, I would like all reading this to just focus upon giving to others, first focus upon giving, focus on helping, focus upon blessing others, and then slowly you can go deeper and deeper and deeper eventually you’ll come to a place where there is no me, there is no I, there is no you, there is just us and all of the things together, all of the consciousness connected together as one great playing field. Ok very good, I love you, this is been a message from God and I’ll be back soon with a new message goodbye.

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