What is Spiritual Power?

This message on Spiritual Power was channelled from God on 26/05/2022.

Hello hello hello. Spiritual power is something that is very wonderful, for those who need help in a spiritual way spiritual power is your answer.

Spiritual Power Explained

So how does spiritual power work? Who wields spiritual power and what is required in order to accomplish spiritual power? Spiritual power is something that comes to those who really genuinely try to develop the skills and attributes of an Enlightened Warrior. What I mean by Enlightened Warrior is someone who works to help others, someone who fights for that which is true and just.

So the question is can you become a Spiritual Warrior? Can you develop spiritual power yourself? The answer is yes you can, but I would like to say this – spiritual power is not something that just magically appears, it’s more like a tap you open it and it starts to flow and you may have a bucket full or you may have a cup full or you may have a tub full. The more power you get the more power you need because the more you want to help others.

Now having said that spiritual power is like something that gradually increases and increases, there are some who have accomplished enormous spiritual power in an instant, because in that instant they have really sincerely changed the way they look at people, happiness and joy.

Spiritual Strength - The Divine Connection

Why Do We Need Spiritual Power?

So the real issue at hand is what does spiritual power do and why would you want it? Basically spiritual power is a way to help others, or a way to help yourself too, but in most cases it’s a way to help others. Some enlightened beings have special powers, for example they can change physical objects, they can make them go bigger or smaller or look different, they can change people’s features, they can change people’s actual bodies, they can do all kinds of things but most often they would not use these powers, most often a spiritual warrior would just use their power to make people feel better.

In essence spiritual power is something that is like a magic touch, you can touch things and make them different, for example if someone suffering greatly you can send them blessings and make them feel better and you can send them blessings so that the situations that cause them suffering actually disappear.

So spiritual power is something we should all wish for, but it’s not that important for most of us. Most of us just want success in life, most of us just want a nice girlfriend or a nice car or a nice job most of us just want relatively minor things, but these things can be attained with the blessings of someone who has spiritual power.

Invoking Assistance From  A Spiritually Powerful Being

So my message is this – you don’t need to have spiritual power yourself, but you can call upon a guide who has spiritual power such as me, God or Jesus or an enlightened being you can call upon someone with spiritual power and they can transform your life situations.

Now you know what spiritual power is and how it’s used there is one thing I must say – spiritual power comes to those who really really want to help others. If you sincerely, deeply want to help others, spiritual power will be bestowed upon you.

Ok so that’s a little message about what spiritual power is, how it’s used and how to attain it. It’s not something that’s necessary for all people, but for some of us, we would really like to do big things and really make a big difference, in those cases most of us will find some kind of spiritual power.

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