What is a Channelled Reading?

This article was channelled from Jesus on 19/09/2022.

Channelled Reading Explained

What is a channelled reading? Basically, a channelled reading is a reading where a divine being speaks through the channel. The channel is the person who does the reading.

Why Purchase A Channelled Reading?

The question is this: Why would you be interested in a channel reading? Let me just explain. There are several reasons why a channel reading can absolutely transform your life or help you significantly. Channelled readings can help in very powerful ways, because you can get advice or messages from the most pure hearted, divine consciousness, a divine being.

In order to understand what a channelled reading really is, you must really try it. When you try it, you’ll be amazed, you’ll be literally in wonder. Now even though you don’t understand why this is, it’s because of this – you’re going to feel the most powerful protection and guidance and support that you could ever imagine.

Channelling Explained

So, I’ll explain a little bit about how channelling works. Channelling is a process where a particular person has the ability to let someone take over their speech and someone can take over the speech for 5 minutes or an hour or even longer. When this person allows the divine being to come through, the messages that come through our incredible, absolutely amazing.

Basically, a channelled reading is the most powerful form of divine connection and blessing that you could ever wish for.  

Channelled Reading - The Divine Connection

Connecting Heaven And Earth

So channelling is a divine connection between heaven and earth. Channelling is the most powerful and supportive way that you can connect with a divine consciousness. Basically, when a channelling opens, the sitter, who is the person who does the reading, allows their heart to open and then they protect themselves and then they begin the channelling. They begin the channelling by calling in a specific being, which could be God, or me, Jesus, or any particular divine being, such as Archangel Uriel. When the divine being comes through, they get comfortable and then they begin to speak and when they speak they open their heart.

When the divine being speaks, they know exactly what the person getting the reading needs and so they can tell you anything at all. They can tell you a prediction, which can often be very important or they can tell you something that’s hindering you that you didn’t realise was happening. They can tell you anything in your life or anything in the world that you need to hear.

So, if you’re interested in a channelled reading, click the ‘book now’ button and we’ll speak soon.

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