Who Is The Archangel Azreal?

This article on Archangel Azreal was channelled on 16/09/2022.

Archangel Azreal Overview

Greetings. I am I am Archangel Azreal. Now let me just explain what Azrael is, I’m an angel that specialises in empathy, heartfelt divine love and not just love, but also compassion.

Basically, I specialise in those who really, deeply want to open the heart and really want to transform their whole being.

Archangel Azreal And Power

So, in order to understand what Archangel Azrael is you must understand this – power. Now, power you might think means strength, yes it does mean strength, but people don’t actually understand what power is, power is about being able to give to others.

Basically, if you are powerful, then you are able to do things, quite amazing things. Those who are really, truly powerful are the ones who help others the most.

Power And Aggression

Now let me just explain why people think power is domination. Because on planet Earth, the people who claim to be powerful are the ones who get to inflict their will upon others. People think that to be powerful means you can abuse or overrule or dominate others. But in fact, power is nothing to do with that, that’s not power.

Archangel Azreal - The Divine Connection

Basically, those on planet Earth who do harm, who look like they’re strong because they win arguments, win conflicts, wars etcetera, they’re not really powerful, these people are afraid.

Aggression Is Fear

When you’re really afraid, that’s when you become intimidating, that’s when you become outrageously aggressive. Those who are outrageously aggressive actually have a lot of fear.

If you are afraid that someone’s going to harm you or attack you or do something to you, then you realise ‘I must do it first, I must do it better, I must be the best of all at destroying’ and then you go down a path of hatred.

What Is Real Power?

But I will say this – that’s not real power, real power comes from not feeling vulnerable.

If you are powerful, then you have attained quite an astounding achievement, because if you are really, truly, powerful you are longer bound by the dualistic conflict and the dualistic pain of Earth.

Basically, to really, truly attain power is to be over-the-top in your compassion. To really be powerful means you are astoundingly compassionate, that’s who is really powerful.

So now you understand power, now you understand I’m about power and power is nothing to do with violence. Never ever, ever has someone who is powerful needed to use violence.

Basically, to be powerful is to love and to love is to be strong, to be strong is to care.

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