A Guided Meditation For Forgiveness

This guided meditation for forgiveness was channelled from Jesus on 15/10/2022.

Greetings, greetings, greetings. I am Jesus. Let’s talk today about forgiveness and specifically let’s do a nice, wonderful, guided meditation for forgiveness.

Why Forgive?

So what is forgiveness and why is it necessary? Sometimes people will give us their energy, sometimes people will make us feel something that we didn’t feel before. This can happen in various different ways, sometimes you get into a confrontation with someone and they say something insulting and then you walk away and you feel like it’s actually true. They said I’m a piece of garbage and now I feel like a piece of garbage, that is because they sent you some energy and you unknowingly absorbed that energy.

So how do we deal with this? It’s a simple process. What we do in this situation is we imagine the person that gave us the feeling or the situation or the conflict or the violence, whatever has happened, we visualise that person and then we imagine instead of sending them back negativity we send them back something positive. When we do this, we actually undo the exchange that has happened.

So, let’s go into a little bit more detail: Basically, people believe in certain things and what you believe is what you are, how you believe yourself to be is what you are. So, people can tell you things about yourself and then if you believe them, you become it.

But don’t get upset by this because it’s a very little, it’s not a difficult thing to undo, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. I want you to just relax and let me say this – we can undo all of the negativity that has ever been done to you.

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Forgiveness Meditation

So, we’ll begin the meditation, it goes like this: First of all, I want you to visualise your heart is opening like a beautiful, glowing, shining star. Your heart is a beautiful star and it shines bigger and bigger and bigger. Let it expand bigger and bigger and bigger, imagine your heart growing as big as the country you live in.

Now I want you to bring to mind the person that has harmed you or insulted you or attacked you. Bring to mind that person and just let the feelings arise, whatever feeling arises is fine.

That’s good. Now what we going to do this – we can imagine this: Instead of thinking something negative about them you’re going to send them a positive thought, it could be “I think you’re a good person” or maybe they’re not a good person, they may not be a good person, but you can still send them love. So that is what we will do – send them love.

So just feel your heart is this glowing, shining star. Then your heart sends a ray of love into their heart, doesn’t matter whether you like them or not, it doesn’t matter just send the love. Repeat “I love you I want you to be happy” just repeat this for a few minutes.

Now you have done that, that’s the difficult part. Now we just say this – we say from our heart, as your heart is open, we say this to their face, imagine looking in their eyes and you say “I forgive everything you did to me.”

Say it say it say it, let yourself repeat this for 5 minutes or 10 minutes until you feel a kind of it gentle soft, changing of your heart.

Now you have done the guided meditation for forgiveness, you have forgiven. Now you’ve let go of something someone told you about yourself or something someone sent into you. It’s been released, now you’ll be happier.

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