Let’s Talk About Spiritual Wealth

This article on spiritual wealth was channelled from Archangel Uriel on 04/10/2022.

Let’s talk about spiritual wealth. What is wealth? Wealth is more than money, wealth is a feeling of gregariousness, expansion, positivity. That are real, true wealth.

So if you need wealth, you also need financial success, the things are very closely linked.

Let’s talk about finances and wealth. Wealth is more than money, but money is a form of wealth, not the complete form of wealth, but a slightly less expansive form of wealth. If you need money, then you’re lacking in wealth.

The question is what should you focus on – finances or the concept of being wealthy? I would say this – do a meditation on opening the heart, because if your heart is open you have real wealth, true wealth and in fact limitless wealth.

Spiritual Wealth - The Divine Connection

Now in order to get money we need to do several things, it’s not just about opening the heart, it’s about practical things – taking care of business, contacting coworkers, talking to family, whatever you need to do. You take care of things, at the same time you focus on something more metaphysical, something less physical. Metaphysical, what is that?

Let’s talk about what metaphysical is. It’s basically something more than physical, so the idea that there’s more than the physical world is this true? Yes there is much more than the physical world, infinitely more than the physical world, those who only believe in a physical world a limiting themselves to a very small kind of wealth – financial wealth.

If you want real wealth money will come. So if you focus on opening the heart, you develop true genuine wealth and then you’ll never have to try to get money. Money will come to you every single day.

And in order to attain spiritual wealth one needs compassion. Compassion is very important.

If you want to develop compassion I suggest you look up “How to Open Your Heart – A Complete Guide” on this website.

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