Who is the Archangel Raphael?

This article was channelled from Archangel Raphael on 04/09/2022.

Archangel Raphael’s Functions

Greetings. I am Archangel Raphael. Now you may have heard of me as the Archangel of healing, in fact I do more than just healing, I do three different things. The first thing I do is protection from sickness, that’s one thing I do. Secondly, I give assistance to people who are struggling with anything that’s related to the physical body, that’s the second thing. Thirdly I do give healing and I heal quite incredibly.

Now in order to understand Archangel Raphael you need to understand this – who is my God? Now I know that sounds like a strange question but let me put it this way – am I just a divine being or am I something much more than that? I would put it this way – I am like gods third arm, he has other arms but I’m like one of them.

So basically, I heal, I protect, I assist. Now I would like to say this – I have more to do with those who are happy, than I do with those who are not. Now I know you think “why would I Archangel Raphael have more to do with those are happy? Surely the ones were unhappy are the ones who need the help?” That’s true, I do help those are unhappy, but I actually am connected and more in alignment with those who are happy and joyful.

What Archangel Raphael Can Heal

So, in essence I’m saying this – I can heal anything at all – physical, emotional, psychological, romantic, whatever it is I can heal it, but you need to understand this – it’s not just a case of asking me for a healing and waiting. No you actually need a third person to do the healing because depending on who you are, depending on how connected and how high vibration are you are, I may or may not be able to really heal you.

What I’m saying is if you are in need of a healing, if you have some kind of really painful, unwanted, difficult, physical or sexual or emotional issue that’s causing you difficulty, you can get the most tremendous healing from me. However, you may need someone to help you get it, which is why I say if you really need a healing, I want you to try and ask my dear friend Stephan here, the channel of this message to bring me through into your energy and from then I’ll be able to transmit the light and transmute your suffering.

Archangel Raphael - The Divine Connection

What Is Required For Raphael’s Healing?

So basically, in order to heal there are two things that are required – you need a really strong belief in the power of God, divine, angels etc and secondly your heart needs to be open. These are the two things that need to come together. This is the reason why not everyone can necessarily just pray to me and be healed, many of you can and many of you will, but there are some who need a third person to intervene.

So, if you need healing, if you’re sick or suffering or miserable or having some kind of very unwanted suffering in your life, I can help you and I will help you.

Now I would like to just talk a little bit about myself. I’m not just the Archangel of Healing I’m also an archangel of assistance for those who suffer. So, I can heal almost anything, almost anything at all, but I can also help people with the kind of benefit, the kind of assistance to help get out of difficulty.

Raphael Helps Those Who Are Lonely

So, I help people who are suffering and I specially help people who are really lonely, I really have a kind of a special place in my heart for people who are lonely, because I myself know what that’s like.

Archangel Raphael’s Background

Once upon a time I took birth and it was on planet Earth. I came to planet Earth and not many people knew this ever happened, but I was here and during that lifetime I had three things happen to me. First of all, I was very alone, I suffered because for some reason I had very few contacts, very few acquaintances, not many people did I know, I was very alone that was my suffering. Also, I got sick, I got really sick, I got so sick the death was imminent, but my wish to be healed was so strong that a divine being came to me and empowered me and helped me realise who I was. I woke up to my true self as the Archangel of healing, Archangel Raphael, that was who I really was, I just didn’t know it.

So, in this lifetime I chose to walk the path of healing, I chose to study the art of healing, to transmit healing, to give divine healings. I healed through medicine and I healed through energy, both of these things together.

How To Invoke Raphael

Now if you want to know more about me, I recommend this – try to ask me for a healing, just pray from your heart, just let your heart open and pray “dear Archangel Raphael, please heal this, please take away this.” I will absolutely answer you.

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